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Xanta Claus

Location: Return to the Yeti Cave!

Quests given

Shops owned

Xanta Claus: ... Oh the weather outside's delightful... but my fiery wrath is frightful... *continues to hum*

Xanta Claus: <Character>! Good to see you... and I'm called Xanta Claus now, at least for the holidays.
Xanta Claus: Ho Ho HoooaaaaAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *crackle crackle*

Xanta Claus: HA! You think that wanna-be-moglin scares me now that he's gone soft? If he ever comes out of hiding my frost army will take care of him.

Xanta Claus: Funny story. A short time ago I accidentally fell into a pool of lava...

Xanta Claus: Do you wanna hear the story or not?

Xanta Claus: As I was saying... I ACCIDENTALLY FELL into some lava. The underground magma currents carried me for a long time...
Xanta Claus: It's not like the lava could hurt a guy whose face is on fire. Eventually the magma brought me to a frozen cave near here.
Xanta Claus: That's when I found THIS...
Xanta Claus: ... the EggNogonomicon! In its pages are all the secrets of the greatest cryomancers in history! A mystical tome made entirely of ice!

Xanta Claus: I'm trying something different. Stop interrupting.
Xanta Claus: Once Sepluchure found out where I was he gave me orders to destroy the frost moglins once and for all! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Xanta Claus: Does the planet turn into a giant dead iceball?

Xanta Claus: GREAT! That was my plan all along! I can't wait for a little peace and quiet.
Xanta Claus: Wiping out those insanely cheerful frost moglins is just the beginning. I'm going to burn their village to the ground...
Xanta Claus: ... Then, when they have no homes to hide in, I'm going to freeze them into extinction! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

Xanta Claus: HA! You think you can stop me with my mastery of fire AND ice magic? A single <Class> could never stand alone against me!

Xanta Claus: I was really hoping that you'd bring Warlic along with you, so I could kill you both at the same time... but this is a close second. HAHAHA!

Xanta Claus: NOOOO! My own fire spells MELTED THE EGGNOGONOMICON! Wow, I feel kind of dumn now.

Xanta Claus: You're letting me go?

Xanta Claus: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
Xanta Claus: ...


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