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Guardian Blackbones

Also see Blackbones.

Level: 65
Price: 26 000 3,117
Sellback: 16 000 1,558
Location: Deep Lake

Element: Darkness
Type: Magic
Damage: 5-26
BTH: 8%

#Darkness-element spell damage is multiplied by *1.1.
#This checks the spell hit's individual element, not the spell's database element. For example, Embrace the Shadows WILL NOT get the boost when it does Light damage and WILL get the boost when it does Darkness damage, and Elemental Unity WILL get the boost, but only to its Darkness hit.

Hits: 2
Element: Darkness
Type: Magic
Damage: 105% Base and Random each
BTH: +10% each
Stat Bonuses: Yes
Rate: 100%
Effect: This counts as a spell. It also heals your HP by 20% of the damage done.

A magical weapon of pure evil, used by Brilhado necromancers. It contains a life draining spell and greatly enhances spells of the Darkness element!


Thanks to Rayf Drayson. BTH and special from Kalanyr. New update info from dino5saur (via Kalanyr). New description from Occasus.

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