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Reyn Roadstorm -> Evil Shadow (6/12/2008 0:29:55)

Evil Shadow

Also see Wicked Shadow, Malevolent Shadow, and Vile Shadow.

Level: 35
Price: 7,000 178
Sellback: 2,300 3,500 118
Location: The Beginning of The End ; Devourer Saga Items Shop

Element: Ice
MP Cost: 134

Hits: 2
Element: Ice
Type: Magic
Damage: 14-46 plus 255% Stats each
BTH: +8 plus Stats each

This spell deals more damage as you become more Evil-Aligned, and less as you become more Good-Aligned. It deals {100-[Alignment]/1.7}% Base, Random, and Stat damage.

Call forth a chilling shadow to freeze your enemies to their very soul, this spell draws strength from the coldness of your heart.


Image thanks to Butterfly. Update from Kalanyr (via Monu).

Reyn Roadstorm -> RE: Evil Shadow (1/14/2008 5:14:10)

Evil Shadow

Level: 35
Price: 7,000
Sellback: 2,300
Location: The Beginning of The End

Hits: 2
Element: Ice
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 14-46, 205% stats per hit
BTH: +8%, +8%
Mana Cost: 115

Description: Possible 92 damage, 410% stat bonus.


Image courtesy of Wilderock.

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