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Location: The Hard Way, The Traitor, Dying Light, Sepulchure's Fortress

Quests given

Shops owned

The Hard Way

Kasuf: Fine...fine. I'm tired of running anyway. Just take me away.

Kasuf: AH! If you have come to help us then we still have hope! I will help you with your search but we must escape these ruins first!

Kasuf: It would never work. Once Zhoom sets his mind to a task, he does not lose focus. He could win a staring contest with Jimmy the Eye.

Kasuf: Now you're just being silly. I DO know of a secret way out of these ruins but it may be more dangerous than facing Zhoom.

Kasuf: There is a back door, but there are several desert beasts and doors that stand between us and freedom.
Kasuf: A <Class> of your power should have little trouble with the monsters but the doors are another matter. They are deadly traps.
Kasuf: Each of the doors has a timed puzzle attached to it. You must find the right combination of 5 ancient glyphs before the timer runs out...
Kasuf: ...What do you think?

Kasuf: Monsters and deadly traps are fun? I can't believe that I'm putting my life in your hands.

Kasuf: YOU DID IT! We're alive!

Kasuf: I can never thank you enough, <Character>. The best I can do is pay you in information.
Kasuf: I'm afraid I don't know much about the Orb of Light but I know another rebel who does.
Kasuf: Our laws prevent me from telling you her name but you can find her in the Oasis Inn.

Kasuf: There is a way that we recognize each other. You must walk into the Inn with a Blue Desert Lotus.
Kasuf: It's ability to survive in the desert against all odds makes it the perfect symbol for our rebellion.
Kasuf: You must go to The Wastelands, to the west of town. You will find a Blue Desert Lotus somewhere there.
Kasuf: Bring the flower into the Oasis Inn. She will know that you are a friend of the resistance and she will approach you.

Kasuf: It is no risk at all. I know that I can trust you. Good luck, <Character>!

The Traitor

Kasuf: <Character>!?! This is ALL WRONG! I told Sek-Duat I would only meet with ZHOOM!

Kasuf: No! I... I was going to tell Sek-Duat that Zhoom was working for the rebels. You are safe... and so is my daughter.

Kasuf: I found out what Sek-Duat is doing with the rebels. The spell that he stole from the yaga spellbook calls for a strong magical power source...
Kasuf: That power source is the Orb of Light. The spell also calls for 'the life forces of 100 people who call you an enemy'.

Kasuf: The rebels will be undead husks, empty bodies... zombie servants. I... I couldn't risk that happening to my daughter.
Kasuf: I had to make this deal. I'm sorry.

Kasuf: You don't understand what it means to have a child! I HAD NO CHOICE.

Kasuf: You're right. Of course, you're right! I knew he couldn't be trusted. That's why I lied and told him that Zhoom was secretly working with the rebels.
Kasuf: I thought that if I could make Sek-Duat get rid of Zhoom then the others might stand a chance. Only...

Kasuf: ... Zhoom is VERY strong. I couldn't be sure Sek-Duat would be able to finish him so I set a trap.
Kasuf: This temple is protected by an ancient evil called the Anubis Knight, and we're standing in the middle of his home.
Kasuf: I was trying to lure Zhoom to his doom before I turned myself in... but I got you instead.

Kasuf: Well, I was kinda surprised to see you, and I wanted to explain before you... It... slipped my mind.

Kasuf: It's right behind me, isn't it?

Kasuf: But you WON'T... right?

Kasuf: RIGHT?!

Kasuf: Thank you for saving my life again <Character>.

Kasuf: What are you going to to about me?

Kasuf: Please, she doesn't have to know.

Dying Light

Kasuf: Wh-what? Who? ...
Kasuf: Where am I?!
Kasuf: What is the meaning of this?!

Kasuf: Wh--

Kasuf: What? No, I--

Kasuf: No! I am not--

Kasuf: I-- I--

Kasuf: Um..

Kasuf: No! I'm not a spy! I... I know I made a mistake with Sek-Duat....
Kasuf: I was trying to keep my daughter safe! I would not make the same mistake again!

Kasuf: No.... no it can't be.... why.... why would you do this?!
Kasuf: You saw my mistake... my regrets with Sek-Duat... Why would you repeat it.... Why would trade one evil for another?

Kasuf: Then.... then why, daughter?

Kasuf: Daughter! NO!!

Sepulchure's Fortress

Kasuf: Please! You must stop him!


Thanks to
-- Saojun for The Traitor dialogue.
-- Stephen Nix for image, banner, coloring and corrections.
-- Peachii for correction.
-- Voodoo Master for dialogues.

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