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Reyn Roadstorm -> Cool 'Cupuncture (2/1/2008 3:35:44)

Cool 'Cupuncture

Location: Wizard Games 2008 Shop 1 / Wizard Games 2011 Shop 1
Level: 40
Price: 6,300 254
Sellback: 3,150 127

Hits: 8
Element: Ice
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 2-15 and 67% stat damage per hit
BTH: +10 per hit
Mana Cost: 150
Description: The great wizard Xarymandias created this weaker variant of his Ice Needles spell to use when he was low on mana.


Some stats from Aquapyre and LightningBlade. Image thanks to Butterfly.

Reyn Roadstorm -> RE: Cool 'Cupuncture (2/1/2008 3:37:00)


This spell was formerly known as Ice Needles.

Price: 1400
Sellback: 1200
Level: 40
Location: Wizard Games
MP Cost: 115

Hits: 8
Damage: 5-15 each
Type: Magic
Element: Ice
BTH: +0

The great wizard Xarymandias created this spell to fend off Phoenix flocks from his mountain home. This Lower level version takes more MP to cast.


Level 40 sellback thanks to Ocoma, Update mana costs thanks to phoenixfire555. Sellback from Mikey05. Picture from samurijack.

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