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Linguini -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/13/2008 20:29:22)
New one.

jake pkz -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/14/2008 21:47:08)

Looks like it's working Vamp Master =P. And just a word of advice (not trying to mini-mod), in the upper right corner of all of your posts is a button that says "Edit". You should just edit your old posts instead of making two posts right after each other. Just warning you so mods don't jump down your throat (although they will probably jump down mine for "mini-modding").

hachimangu -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/15/2008 0:41:00)

Ooh, I got some! To see for other houses, visit my gallery (click my sig).

RuneHawk amoeba signature
RuneHawk amoeba avvy
RuneHawk trippy avvy

BigBen14 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/15/2008 12:01:29)

I got some sigs and avays made.
I have sudmitted these several times but never get put in so if someone would like them actually avatars you can do it your self.

the person! -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/15/2008 15:59:37)
Might have to resize this avvy though, if I submit it later

joshua_barrameda09 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/17/2008 5:20:24)

next time runehawk will win

tomcooksey -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/17/2008 7:33:33)

hey guys how do you make them please tell me

pipp33 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/18/2008 12:12:37)

Photoshop is your friend, use it! Paint works too if you have loads of time on your hands.

Nightly -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/22/2008 11:26:58)

i got one finally!!! it was handrawn by me and animated by my friend spitfire...

the magic is waiting

cant find it hmmm

Edgelord -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/22/2008 12:16:37)

Heh, heres a sig for ya.

mturf -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/22/2008 13:17:54)

avatar size (95/95) stamp:
i'll squish it to 80/80 so it can be used in sigs inna mo
edit - there we go, they should be transparent so they'll look cool pasted on top of any sigs or whatnot ya might have:

Nightly -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/22/2008 17:20:51)

okay my sig is what i want to show...

dragonmasterx2 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/22/2008 18:52:12)

my sig and also... RUNEHAWKS WULE!!! I mean Rule! sry here

Don't double post please, just edit your last post. - cdfbrown

Alfdestroy -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/29/2008 14:10:01)

Just a simple picture

marth303 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/4/2008 16:21:37)

Here's mine!

Zortin -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/5/2008 18:17:06)

other than the pixely squares marth, it pawned nice man.

tayo19 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/6/2008 21:04:29)

heres mine

Dalesh -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/7/2008 16:33:48)

runehawk sig

Shamrock -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/8/2008 10:19:55)

runehawk sig This advertises my Runehawk slogan as shown here.

GS Runehawks -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/9/2008 18:02:15)

This is a sig that i make myself... I think its rally cool!!![:D]

Nick -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/9/2008 21:42:29)

GS Runehawks -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/12/2008 8:46:12)


Silent Swordsman -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/12/2008 19:25:01)
not a sig or avy, but just still as cool[:D]
different versions:


p.s. im trying to make a sig, hope it turns out well[:D]

cheesy pops -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/19/2008 19:35:04)

working on a sig... err...

zalrein -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (3/22/2008 2:03:33)

hopefully it will show up down there l

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