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Reens -> =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/7/2008 20:58:39)

This thread is for posting your signatures and avatars.
Remember to follow the board rules - oversized sigs WILL be removed.

Please use the discussion thread to talk about them.

Use link tags, not image tags for your submissions please. - cdfbrown


jake pkz -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/7/2008 21:47:00)

Theses sigs are all 100 pixels tall by 500 pixels wide, so there is no room for any text along with the pictures. I'm only warning you so your sigs don't get eaten by Scakk =D

WolfBlade 1, WolfBlade 2, WolfBlade 3, WolfBlade 4




Jax -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/7/2008 21:52:07)


pic is in my Sig unless it's been munched it's 400X100 so you can have a short message next to it

Eva_01 -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/7/2008 22:03:42)

sig pic presented bellow
pixle: 400x90

Howler -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/7/2008 23:58:03)

There is a reason why I don't like rippers. It makes me absolutely mad when people steal my work.

WolfBlade signature


As you can see, this was made by me. Not anybody else. Also, don't place any text below or above this signature.

The offending post has now been removed. Ripping art is totally against the rules and is not tolerated here. =Mae

Thanks, Mae!

schuff -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/8/2008 0:09:55)

Wolf sig 1

wolf sig 2

Mojojaju -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/8/2008 8:05:59)

Here is a sig for you wolfblades! Enjoy!


rainer -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/8/2008 9:09:33)

If anyone can make it better be my guest. (U can use them or change them if u want)
http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/130/wolfbladesignaturept4.png (372 x 99)

For example: http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/6739/wolfbladesignatureproovwm8.png

And avatar: http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/64/wolfbladeavatarht9.png (92 x 94)
http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/7816/wolfbladeavatar2on8.png (95 x 95)

I_Like_Cheese -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/9/2008 15:14:46)

Mah Wolfblade siggy

Here's a version with my name smaller.

Wolfblade 2

Here's another one.
Fire Wolfblade Sig


'nother Fire WB Sig

Lathers -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/10/2008 0:36:59)


Sig 1
Sig 2

Korndog -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/10/2008 14:56:01)

Took me a LONG time to make these, but there's nothing else to do at work... Hope you guys like them!



*Note: Yeah, I had to condense them to fit the 500 x 100 limit, but they still get the job done =]

MenacingCash -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/10/2008 15:08:07)




Sig 1

how big is this one?

Kainos Tai -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/10/2008 21:01:25)

Check it out. Made it myself.


Lathers -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/10/2008 22:36:30)

Another one I made.

Sig 3


Just PM me if you use any of mine.

500x100, ~35-45kb

Fei -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/11/2008 5:28:20)


500 x 100.


and a second, slightly different version, for those of you who want the house logo to show clearly...


All of my fellow wolves are welcomed to use it :3

Kainos Tai -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/11/2008 7:03:49)

I edited my post with a better version of my sig. The moon shows up more clearly now.


Comments are appreciated.

tomy 2222 -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/12/2008 10:09:05)

heres mine: http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/9334/wolfbladesig2is4.jpg

dkfreak11 -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/12/2008 13:07:28)

it maybe not all wolfblade but i think this is good
[img] http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg77/dkfreak/stasussig.jpg [/img]

GDubballa712 -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/12/2008 16:00:14)

wolfblade sig OK this is my first Signature or anything i have ever made please rate itt, tell me where i need to improve, i wanna get really good at this, no wolfblade symbols used though =(

Ebil Knight -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/13/2008 19:38:07)

Hey WolfBlades, congrats on the gears games (sig 3 is a gears games winners one)

WolfBlade 1

Wolfblade 2

Wolfblade 3

Naurchir -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/13/2008 19:39:43)


Dog*Bone -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/14/2008 1:43:24)


Be critical... and remeber it took me like 2 minutes I could do better

ants443 -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/14/2008 22:18:16)

How is this?

Non SC

It's a little grainy and sloppy though
BTW on the shoulder is supposed to be the WolfBlade emblem...

hachimangu -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/15/2008 0:38:43)

Ooh, I got some! I also have it for other houses in my gallery (click my sig).

Flames set
Flames sig- WolfBlade
Flames avvy- WolfBlade

Noble set
Noble Sig- WolfBlade
Noble avvy- WolfBlade

yomama78 -> RE: =MQ= Wolfblade Art (2/15/2008 22:03:15)


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