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Reyn Roadstorm -> Benthic Shank (2/15/2008 14:13:26)

Benthic Shank

Also see Profundal Shank, Aphotic Shank, Abyssal Shank.

Level: 92
Price: 232,000 103,522
Sellback: 142,000 51,761
Location: Visit Captain Rhubarb

Element: Water or Light (Your choice)
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 7-29 9-38
BTH: 11%

Hits: 2
Element: Light, Water
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 370% Base, 370% Random, 0% Stats
BTH: +50%
Rate: 18%

Description: Created from the extremely tough and sharp fin of a deadly deep sea Dweller! Use the dangling light to switch from water damage to light damage.


Images from Keno Chao. Stats from Keno Chao and moomindude. Special stats from TheKholdOne (via Keno Chao). New image thanks to Trans21.

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