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Who <3's you?


Twilly: Hiyas! It's that time of year again-- and Twilly is SOOOO happy! It's a special day after all--
Twilly: It's--- SNUGGLEFEST! Yay! SnuggleFest is the one day a year that everybody is friends and nobody tries to hurt any monsters!
Twilly: Huh? What's that? The monsters are still trying to hurt YOU?? Well okay, I guess you can still fight them. Anyway, SnuggleFest is Twilly's favorite day!
Twilly:Want Something fun to do? Go on special missions for people in Battleon! When you finish their mission, you become their "Hero"!
Twilly: Okay, Ive invited them in so they'll be here any minute! Complete all 8 missions to unlock two things:
Twilly: A secret quest AND the special SnuggleFest shop where you can get rare weapons, shields, pets, and more!!

«Exit Truffle. Enter everyone»

Twilly: Just click on someone to talk to them.

«Complete all 8 of the requests to unlock the finale. When you complete a request, the person gets a big red heart to show that it's done. After each request, you get a full heal.»

    Artix: Hail and well met! I need some help getting a couple undead brothers to either leave Granemor Cemetary! I have a feeling they aren't much for reasoning things out...
    Artix: ...and shhh, do not tell anyone, but I cannot take any more pink! I can change the colors for you if you would like. *winks*
  • GO!
  • No thanks, I hate fighting undead!
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink

    1 BATTLE
    All encounters are Level-Scaled, are renamed Num & Skul, and have the description "These two undead brothers have been tearing up the cemetary for days trying to find their OTHER brother, Louis.".

    Artix: Thank you so much for helping! I really owe you one... Hero!

    Battle on!
  • Yeah!!

  • Help someone else!

    Valencia: Hey there *wink*... Do you think you could help me get a Skraeling Desert treasure I've been wanting for a long time? You just need to beat the Guard for me!
  • GO!
  • Sorry, deserts are too hot for me!

    1 BATTLE
    The encounter is a random encounter with a desert background. It is renamed Treasure Guard and given the description "This Guard is watching over a rare item that Valencia needs for her collection!"

    Valencia: Wow! Great job, partner! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. My hero!
  • Great!!

  • Help someone else!

    Galanoth: Hail and well met! I need the strong arm of a Dragonslayer (much like my own) to help me clear out a rather annoying fire dragon infestation. Any takers?
  • GO!
  • dragons might eat me.

    1 BATTLE
    This battle is Level-Scaled. The monster is renamed Charr (Dragon) and given the description "This fire dragon has been munching on broiled villiagers for far too long!"

    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    This battle is Level-Scaled. The monster is renamed Broyl (Dragon) and given the description "This fire dragon has been munching on broiled villiagers for far too long!"

    Galanoth: Excellent Dragon-stomping! I owe you a debt of gratitude. Uhm…do you mind if I call you my Hero?
  • Of course!

  • Help someone else!

    Safiria: hmmm...I see you have come before me hoping to gain my favor. Very well. Do my bidding now and you will have it... bring to me the heads of three werewolves!
  • GO!
  • Maybe later. I value my life.

    All battles are Level-Scaled. You are fully healed after the second battle.

    Safiria: Ohhhhh--- you actually did it! How exciting... I ask and you obey. Perhaps you will make a nice servant for me one day. For now, maybe you can be my Hero.
  • Sure thing!

  • Help someone else!
    Captain Rhubarb

    Cap. Rhubarb: Ahoy! Shiver me timbers, you want to help ME, a pirate? Can you knock that scurvy braken off me hull??
  • GO!
  • Sorry, I'm allergic to seafood!

    1 BATTLE
    This monster is Level-Scaled.

    Cap. Rhubarb: Arrr! THAT be some good fightin'! Good work, me hearty! What say ye-- you're my Hero, aye?!
  • ARR!

  • Help someone else!

    Aria: Hihi! Wow, am I happy you're here! I need LOTS of help-- one of my flyrtle pets is under a bad spell by Zorbak and is out causing trouble! Please go out and find him!
  • GO!
  • Sorry...I have a flyrtle allergy.

    1 BATTLE
    Random Encounter

    1 BATTLE
    This monster is Level-Scaled. The monster is renamed Djube, and has its description changed to "This little guy fell under the ebil spell of Zorbak the dark Moglin.".

  • Yay! Super! THANK YOU so much for getting Djube back. How could I ever repay you? Oh yeah! Wanna be my Hero?
  • Yes I do!

  • Help someone else!

    Aquella: Thank you for coming to see if I need assistance. I do indeed! A pod of deadly poisonous Doom Jellies are threatening my coastal home. Please stop them!
  • GO!
  • Poisonous? Maybe later...

    After each, you get a full heal.

    Aquella: Thank you so much for your help! I am proud to call you my Hero!
  • No problem!

  • Help someone else!

    Robina: My oh my, so you want to give me a helping hand? I could always use some gold and experience... go battle a couple monsters for me and give me their gold and XP, please!
  • GO!
  • Go get your OWN gold!

    Each is a Random Adventure.

    Robina: Woohoo!! Thanks for getting me closer to another level! Hey, I'm a rogue at heart, so what did you expect? You're my Hero, anyway :)
  • Yippee!

  • Help someone else

«After all completing all requests»

Twilly: *snicker* Well, I am just so happy that you helped everyone that I *blushes* would like you to be my Hero, too! Be sure to check out the SnuggleFest Shop before you go!
Twig: Oh nnooooo, Warlic, put down dat potion!!!!!!

«Scene: Battleon»

Twig: If you dwink that potion, there’s a chance you will never be the same again!
Warlic: Silly Twig. This potion is the ultimate of its type. I call it Love Potion Number 729. Which is 9 cubed. Because it is THAT much better than Love Potion Number 9.
  • Nooooooo


    Warlic: What was that?
    Twig: I don't know-- the Twiggy Dance?
    Warlic: I am going to take this potion now, and experience the full force of LOVE in my neverending quest to understand ALL things magical.
    Twig: Wuv-- is magical?
    Warlic: I think so. The basic concept of a love potion assumes that it is indeed magical. We shall see. Now-- to drink the potion.


    «Twig covers his eyes, and Warlic surges with energy. He transforms into Wabio»

    Twig: Waaaa!!! TWIG ATTACK!

    «Twig summons ice cream»

    Wabio: Your ice gream is weak. Now, witness the MIGHT of WABIO!
    Twig: WABIO?! You aren't Warlic anymore? Where did Warlic go?? I want Warlic back!

    «Wabio zaps Twig away»

    Wabio: What a weird little Moglin.
    Wabio: Now to test the ULTIMATE POWER OF LOVE...
    Wabio: Women of Battleon, COME TO ME!

    «Enter Aquella»

    Aquella: Oh Wabio, your muscles ripple like the surface of the Great Sea!

    «Enter Robina»

    Robina: Your hair is sooooooooo long and beautiful!

    «Enter Valencia»

    Valencia: Your eyes gleam like rare jewels...

    «Enter Lady Tomo»

    Lady Tomo: What am I doing here? I was on my way to Lolosia. Warlic, why is your shirt off? Why can't I look... away...? Why... can't... I... leave!?

    «Enter Mercuria»

    Mercuria: My my, such a perfect tan! Your skin glistens with perspiration. You must be HOT...

    Wabio: I am indeed fabulous.

    «Enter you»

    «You»: Warlic, is that you?!
    Wabio: Warlic?! He is so weak compared to me! I am WABIO, GOD OF LOVE!
    «You»: You ARE joking, right?
    Valencia: He's not joking. Wabio is LOVE INCARNATE! .......... XXXOOOXXOOOXXXOOO
    «You»: Well, I suppose that's okay as long as you are still willing to be a defender of Lore against all the forces of evil and destruction that threaten us.
    Wabio: Hah! That is a dumb waste of time! I will travel the world until all women fall in love with me! And then I shall rule the world!
    «You»: Okay-- How does one thing lead to the other?
    Wabio: What do you mean?
    «You»: How will traveling and making every woman fall in love with you lead to you ruling the world?
    Wabio: ........
    Wabio: I think it just will.
    «You»: Hmm. Seems we have a problem. Love has made you dumb.
    Wabio: NEVER! I will smite you now!
    Mercuria: Oh my!! I cannot wait to see you SMITE someone, Wabio!!
    Wabio: You shall be impressed. Even more so than you are now. I promise you. Oh how you shall be impressed and continue to be impressed.
  • Impress this!

    1 BATTLEFull Heal
    1 BATTLEFull Heal
    1 BATTLEFull Heal
    1 BATTLE«Wabio transforms back into Warlic»

    Robina: Why are we all standing here around Warlic?
    Warlic: Wh--what happened to me? And where is my Oblivion Sphere?
    «You»: It's a long story, but I think you left your orb in your magic shop. It looks like things are back to normal now, though.

    «Meanwhile, just outside Warlic's shop»

    Zorbak: Hmmmm... What might THIS be? It smells like coconut and sunshine. I hate sunshine, but am somehow entranced by this.
    Zorbak: Oooohhhh look! There's a little drop left over!

    «Zoom in on the bottle, showing a small drop. Zorbak walks off with the bottle»

    Twilly: You did it!! Warlic was going crazy and you managed to stop him before-- well, before something even worse happened!! Hooray!
  • SnuggleFest Shop


  • Heartache Axe
  • Rosethorn
  • HeartBreaker Axe
  • Bluestar Rosethorn

  • Squire's Heart
  • Hero's Heart
  • Champion's Heart

  • Candy Hearts
  • Insane Candy Hearts

  • Rose Bud
  • Rose Petal
  • Rose Blossom
  • Carnation Bud
  • Carnation Petal
  • Carnation Blossom
  • Lavender Bud
  • Lavender Petal
  • Lavender Blossom
  • Girl Trobble (25/60)

  • Love Potion #730 [L. 30]
  • Love Potion #731 [L. 50
  • Love Potion #732 [L. 70]
  • Love Potion #733 [L. 90]
  • Love Potion #734 [L. 110]
  • Love Potion #735 [L. 130]
  • Love Potion #736 [L. 150 G]

    Twilly: I hope you like the Hero's Heart shield -- it should come in handy when you need it!
  • Battle the forces of Wabio again!
  • Back to Town

    Thanks to whackybeanz, with help from WerWolf and chee266. Monster lists from Reyn Roadstorm. Correction from Shadowy Mist.

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