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Necropolis Fleshrender

Also see Grave Fleshrender, Charnel Fleshrender, Crypt Fleshrender.

Location: Attack on Granemor
Level: 90
Price: 95,000 42,016
Sellback: 60,000 21,008

Element: Darkness
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 7-28 9-37
BTH: 13%

Hits: 2
Element: Darkness
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 350%/350%/0 per hit
BTH: +35% per hit
Rate: 18%

EFFECT: Graverot
If both hits of the special connect, will reduce a monster's STR and END each by 5 up to 8 times. Doesn't work on Darkness element monsters or monsters in the Undead and Zombie categories.

Description: This blade, forged of steel-fused bone, can actually summon a necropolis fiend's hand to swipe your enemy infecting it with grave rot, reducing its strength and endurance!


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