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Soluna Police Department

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> Go Left 3 times

Missions Available:
  • Pontimech Robbery

  • Howl's Angels
  • Pie surprise!
  • Kerberos!

    Shops Available:
  • Cop Shop
  • SPD Mecha
  • The Impound

  • Chief Duncan
  • Krispy
  • Worsh
  • Glortch
  • Kreme

  • Police Trooper
  • Guard Hat
  • Police Hat
  • CocoChip Hat
  • Sleuth Hat
  • Detective

    Before joining the force:
    Chief Duncan: The crime wave is getting out of control! The city needs you.

    After joining the force:
    Chief Duncan: Welcome to the Soluna Police Department. How can I assist you, citizen?

  • Uniforms
    Chief Duncan: It is important to wear your Police Uniform and hat. The uniform is a symbol of respect and authori-tye.

  • Talk
    Chief Duncan: The Crime Wave is out of control. Reports of theft are being reported all over town at an alarming rate!
    Chief Duncan: Worst of all, there seems to be no rhyme or reason on why these things are being stolen.
    Chief Duncan: It is going to take some serious detective work to figure out this puzzle and we are already short handed here at the station.

    Kripsy: Meow Meow Meow Meow....... Meow Meow Meow Meow.......

    Worsh: ...nobody knows the trouble I've seen... Hey you! Do you have a spare fork?

    Glortch: I was framed by my *friend* Bloghurl! Unfortunately, they found sauce all over my starship! Hey do you have a spare fork?

    Kreme: Ahem. Excuse me. Do not think I am going to entertain your primitive notions of the complex space kitten language by meowing. WOOF!

    Police Notepad

    Page 2:
    Chief Duncan: Wolf hair? Do not tell me you believe all those werewolf rumors. Werewolves DO NOT exist!

    Page 4:
    Chief Duncan: Hmm, this must belong to the gang responsible for the Crime Wave!

    Page 5:
    Chief Duncan: Mmmmmm, pie! What would a biker gang want with pie tins though?

    Page 6:
    Chief Duncan: Empty boxes? I am not making a connection with these items. Can you find something else?
    Chief Duncan: Oh, and before I forget. No more werewolf stories, please. I realize you must think it is funny - but everyone knows they DO NOT exist.

    Page 8:
    Chief Duncan: Chickencows, Biker gangs and random food products. We are on the verge of a breakthrough!

    Page 9:
    Chief Duncan: Hmmmm. Why would these criminals want a bunch of construction hats?

    Page 10:
    Chief Duncan: This is what we have been waiting for! <Character>, you need to check this place out right away.

    Page 11:
    Chief Duncan: Missing construction vehicles and equipment? Maybe you should go back to 1337 Falcon's Reach and look around again.

    Page 12:
    Chief Duncan: For the last time, there is NO SUCH THING as Werewolves. The real question is, why are they gathering all of these things?

    Page 13:
    Chief Duncan: A Lunar Capacitor? It may be expensive but the only thing that would be good for is harvesting some moon power.

    Page 14:
    Chief Duncan: HOLY FROGZARD DROPPINGS! This is huge... it all makes sense now. I think have this figured out.....
    Chief Duncan: We are up against a Werewolf Biker Gang!
    Chief Duncan: I know, I know. But do not be jealous little buddy. One day you will have detective skills just like me.
    Chief Duncan: To prove it you will have to go dress up as a Werewolf and go deep undercover.... this will be a VERY special mission.

    Page 15:
    Chief Duncan: Head over to the Knife and Spork and stop that pie shipment!

    Page 16:
    Chief Duncan: Those Wolves are pretty mad that you stopped the pie shipment! They're attacking the base directly!

    Other Information:
    SPD Ranks/Name
    Rank 1 - Civilian
    Rank 2 - Crossing Guard
    Rank 3 - Hall Monitor
    Rank 4 - Neighborhood Watch
    Rank 5 - Rent-a-Cop
    Rank 6 - Rookie
    Rank 7 - Traffic Officer
    Rank 8 - Meter Maid
    Rank 9 - Flatfoot
    Rank 10 - Police Officer
    Rank 11 - Patrolman (or woman!)
    Rank 12 - Peace Bringer
    Rank 13 - Officer of the LOL
    Rank 14 - The Fuzz
    Rank 15 - Enforcer
    Rank 16 - COBRA
    Rank 17 - Inspector
    Rank 18 - Super Trooper
    Rank 19 - Gumshoe
    Rank 20 - Investigator
    Rank 21 - Detective
    Rank 22 - Highway Patrol
    Rank 23 - Bobby
    Rank 24 - Mountie
    Rank 25 - State Trooper
    Rank 26 - Deputy
    Rank 27 - Undercover policeman
    Rank 28 - Sherrif
    Rank 29 - SWAT
    Rank 30 - Police Captain
    Rank 31 - Police Lieutenant
    Rank 32 - Police Chief

    Thanks to Artwich for SPD ranks.

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