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Minor Recovery

«Healing spell. Uses END instead of INT for stat bonuses.»

Other spells of the Recovery series:Location: Yulger Beginner Shield Shop
Element: Neutral
Level	20
PowLvl	20
MPLvl	20

Price	60
Sell	30

SPCost	67
Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Heal
Damage	14-41
Stat%	177.48
BTH	Auto
Draw upon your inner strengths to shrug off a few scrapes. Recovers at least 8 HP, plus more based on your END!

Old Image

Numbers and correction thanks to In Media Res. Write up thanks to Bu Kek Siansu.


Starts off as a standard healing spell:
Level	20
PowLvl	20

Damage	18-54
Stat%	232
The spell heals your HP by *0.85*0.9 damage due to Auto-Hit and always useful.

All this has ALREADY been factored into the above numbers.


February 29, 2008: The spell was released.


June 19, 2014: The spell was updated. See revision for older stats.
April 8, 2016: Spell moved from the Paladin Storeroom to Yulgers Beginner Shield Shop.

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