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Magic and Novelty Store

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> 2 Right -> Enter shop with a '?' sign above

Missions Available:
  • A Simple Task
  • Ghost Hunting
  • Spaceship
  • Monkey
  • Punchy
  • Whoopie

    Shops Available:
  • Ghost Shop
  • Ghost Hunter Mecha

    Player Equipments:
  • Spook Buster
  • Spectre Specs

  • Mysterious Johnson

    Mysterious J.: I am Mysterious Johnson! Now, recapture the ghosts you freed when you blew up my containment system.

  • Ghosthunting
    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson senses that there are more ghosts roaming the town! You must go and catch them!

    How do I catch a GHOST?
    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson will train you in the mysterious art of SPECTRE BUSTING!

  • Uniforms
    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson's special truth glasses will allow you to see things how they really are! You can use them to find ghosts.

  • Fortunes
    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes that despite the chocolate chip cookie's fundamental design flaw, it's vastly superior at fortune telling!

  • Mirror
    Myrzor: I am the amazing Master Mryzor, advisor to Mysterious Johnson! Ask me ANY YES or NO question.

    Myrzor: (thinks) Does so-and-so think I am cute?
    Myrzor: (thinks) Will I ever get super powers? Should I wear this shirt today?
    Myrzor: Do you SERIOUSLY need examples of yes or no questions? *grumbles*
    Myrzor: (thinks) Do ghosts REALLY exist? Am I going to be President? Does this thing actually work?

    The Club


    Before you can access to the Club:
    Mysterious J.: To join the Mysterious Club, Mysterious Johnson predicts you MUST DEFEAT MONKEY!

    Mysterious J.: Indeed. Mysterious Johnson predicts your next challenge is to DEFEAT PUNCHY!

    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson is sorry to predict that the last requirement to join the Mysterious Club... is to DEFEAT WHOOPIE!

    After defeating Monkey, Punchy and Whoopie:
    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson is proud to be in the presence of someone so... mysterious!

    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson predicts that YOU are READY to join the Mysterious Club!

    The Club! - Click on Mysterious Necromancer
    Mysterious J.: As a member of the Mysterious Club, Mysterious Johnson will share with you his vision of THE FUTURE!
    Mysterious J.: The stranger wears a heavy grey cloak. The darkness around him obfuscates EVERYTHING! The future is uncertain.
    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes this mysterious stranger exists in the future AND in the past!
    Mysterious J.: The ghosts that you have been collecting are not from our plane of existance...but FROM HIS!
    Mysterious J.: The came here to possess items with EVIL energy that corrupts ALL who dare use it!
    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson predicts...DOOOM!
    Mysterious J.: Doom Mecha...Doom Weapons...Doom Hamsters!
    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes you are the only one who can prevent this. The hero...OF OUR GALAXY!
    Mysterious J.: As a member of the Mysterious Club the responsibility is now yours. Be tempted not by the DARKNESS!
    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson is counting on you to NOT LET the shadow engulf Soluna city!
    Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes you may be skeptical regarding a number of subjects and suggests asking Master Myrzor!

    Other Information:
    1: Hold Mouse over the Beachball, for an explosive surprise!
    2: Constantly poke punchy to fight Punchy
    3: Click on the Barrel of Monkeys to fight Monkey
    4: Constantly poke the whoopie cushin to fight Whoopie


    0: Skeptical magic store customer
    1: Skeptical Spook Investigator
    2: Spirit Chaser
    3: Haunt Hunter
    4: Casper Crusher
    5: Spook Smiter
    6: Ghost Trapper
    7: Banshee Banisher
    8: Ghost Hunter
    9: Ghost Beater-upper
    10: Supernatural Sleuth
    11: Spectre Spyer
    12: Poltergeist Plucker
    13: Ghastly Grizzler
    14: TAPs Dancer
    15: Chain Rattler Silencer
    16: Ghost de-Shell-er
    17: Apparition Attacker
    18: Spectre Spooker
    19: Phantasm Farmer
    20-24: Paranormal Investigator
    25: Mysterious Club Member

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf for ranks!

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