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Soluna City Museum

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> Left 4 times

Locations Available:
  • Planet Liath

    (SC Sneak Peek)
  • Planet Liath

    Missions Available:
  • Jungle Ruins
  • Desert Ruins
  • Underwater Ruins

    Shops Available:
  • Planet Liath Rewards Shop
  • Gift Shop - Museum
  • Gifts NG
  • Repli-Mecha
  • NG Repli-Mecha

  • Val

    Val: Welcome to the Soluna City Museum. We could use some help with our exhibits!

  • Explore
    Val: Looking for an adventure? The ruins of this planet holds both great treasures, and dangers.

  • Talk
    Val: I am the curator of this museum. I have a dream to make this an interplanetary museum with artifacts from all over the galaxy.
    Val: Right now, we don't have much to display, but I hope that we will soon find some interesting artifacts of historical significance!
    Val: If you own a mecha, I could sure use your help in tracking down some of these items.

  • Planet Liath
    Val: Would you like to go back to Planet Liath?

  • Rewards
    Val: What a beautiful artifact!

  • Talk
    Val: Thank you for bringing the artifact back, <Character> !!
    Val: The material of which it is composed has unusual - and exciting - properties!
    Val: When you found it, you probably noticed its effect on stone...
    Val: The artifact has turned out to be the key to unlocking an ancient mystery!
    Val: Thanks to you, the mecha immobilized in front of the Museum is free from its stone prison!
    Val: Now we can see what it is, and you may be able to pilot it, but the mystery is far from solved.
    Val: Are you qualified to take this mecha out for a spin?

    Thanks to bob.builder for dialogs.

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