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Underwater Ruins

Location: Soluna City Museum -> Val -> Explore! -> Ocean
Objective: Congratulations! In the murky depths, you have fought an ancient creature named Kathool-Atchoo and lived to tell the tale!
Requirements: Completion of Desert Ruins
Release Date: Febuary 22, 2008

  • Kathool Adept
  • Shadowscythe Pilot
  • Kathool-Atchoo

  • Val

    Val: Okay, we have loaded your mecha in our yellow… er… top-secret deep-diving drop-submarine.
    Val: The controls are simple- The submarine will follow your mouse cursor. Everything else is automatic!
    Val: We detected a school of enormous jellyfish. You will need to avoid them! Good Luck!

    After Jellyfish Minigame:
    Val: According to ancient stone tablets, this is the approximate resting place of the legendary, Kathool-Atchoo.
    Val: Hey, what’s that huge blip on your sonar?

    After fight with Kathool Adept:
    Val: According to our scanners, that temple has breathable air inside due to some sort of enchantment.
    Val: You should go in there and check it out!

    After fight with Shadowscythe Pilot:
    Val: Oh no- That squid is pretty upset that your are trespassing in the temple. You must fight it in your mecha!
    Val: Don’t worry, the yellow duck-marine repaired your mecha while you were in the temple!

    If you fail the roll:
    Val: You didn’t find anything? Don’t give up! I believe there is more to be found in these ruins.

    If you success in the roll:
    Val: Excellent job! That fossil you found will be displayed in the museum!

    After Assembling the Full Skeleton:
    Val: Oh! My research indicates that this is not actually an Icthyosaur! It's an early Sharkasaurus! Incredible!

    *Thanks to Kyllorac, some1random, and bileon for info!*

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