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cdfbrown -> Easter Event (3/21/2008 22:34:26)


Easter '08: Egg-Static

Location: Soluna City -> Admina -> Holiday Event
Objective: Search for and disable the strange Eggs that are attracting giant monsters to town. / Congratulations! You disabled a monster-attracting egg!
Requirements: None
Release Date: March 21st, 2008

Missions Available:

Shops Available:
  • Easter '08 Mecha
  • Easter '08 NG Mecha

  • Hulky Bun-bun
  • Mecha-Bunzilla
  • Rabbid

  • Admina

    Admina: Strange egg-shaped transmitters have appeared in Soluna City! We need you to find and disable them!

    Admina: The Eggs started appearing in the east... er.. side of town recently. At first we thought it was a prank...
    Admina: ...But antennae started popping up out of them and we detected strange signals coming from them.
    Admina: These strange signals are attracting giant monsters to town! Please help us search for and disable these eggs!
    Admina: GEARS University does not want the eggs destroyed. They are to be recovered for research purposes!
    Admina: So get ready to Search and Crack! How many eggs can you find?

    Admina: There are Egg-Static transmitters hidden throughout this section of town! You must disable them!

    On successfully disabling an Egg-Static transmitter:
    Admina: Great Job! You disabled one of those Egg-Static transmitters! Do you want to continue searching for more?

    On defeating the monster that arrives if you fail to disable an Egg-Static transmitter in time:
    Admina: Oh no! That bunny caused a lot of destruction! You should head back for repairs! Take the egg with you!

    Admina: A huge new mecha is spreading terror in Soluna! Please try to see if you can stop it!

    Holiday Mecha
    Admina: We were able to salvage technology from Mecha-Bunzilla and create replicas! Check them out!

  • Peachii -> RE: Easter Event (4/24/2011 7:49:51)


    Easter '09: EvilCorp Recall/Chickee War

    Location: Soluna City
    Directions: Soluna City -> New Release Panel

    Missions Available:

    Shops Available:
  • Easter '09 Mecha Bunzilla
  • Easter '09 NG Bunzilla
  • Easter '09 Classic Bunzilla
  • Easter '09 NG Weapons
  • Easter '09 Weapons
  • Easter '09 Starship Items
  • Easter '09 NG Starship Items

    (EvilCorp Product Recall)
  • Yeller Chick
  • Mega Mouth Rabbit
  • Pinky Chick
  • Hulky Bun-bun
  • Rabbid
  • Chickee Blue

    (Vorpal Bunzilla Bossfight)
  • Vorpal Bunzilla

  • Mr. Z.

    Mr. Z.: Meh... All the fighting has angered Mecha Bunzilla! What does that overgrown rabbit have against Evil Corporations anyway?

    Mr. Z.: Ah yes.... I never pass up an opportunity to make some profits! These items are very rare. I know you want them!

    Mr. Z.: WHAT?! You do not know who I am? I am Zorbak, the CEO of EvilCorp, the biggest corporation in the entire universe!
    Mr. Z.: You can just call me Mr. Z! I realize my rise to near infinite power has made me a few enemies...
    Mr. Z.: Don't even think about laying a hand on me! Besides, it wouldn't do you any good...
    Mr. Z.: ...because you are talking to a holographic projection! I am not really here!
    Mr. Z.: Not to mention the fact that with or without me, EvilCorp holiday bots are rampaging around Soluna as we speak!
    Mr. Z.: So you're going to have to round them up anyway! Now... let's talk about payment....
    Mr. Z.: You'll be paid a gross 10000 credits per Chick... Product damage is deducted from your pay.
    Mr. Z.: These things won't stop until they're pretty much completely destroyed....
    Mr. Z.: So let's see... 10000 credits paid, minus... 10000 credits damaged goods... Meh heh heh!
    Mr. Z.: Looks like we won't need to fill out any nasty contracts because you're getting nothing!
    Mr. Z.: Meh heh heh heh! I am sooooo EBIL!

    To Battle!
    Fight random enemies

    Fight Mecha Bunzilla

  • Peachii -> RE: Easter Event (4/24/2011 8:07:42)


    Easter '10: Giant/Monster Egg

    Location: Soluna City
    Directions: Soluna City -> Monster Egg!

    Missions Available:
  • Giant Egg Fight!

    Shops Available:
  • Easter '10 Weapons
  • Easter '10 NG Bunzilla Revived
  • Easter '10 Bunzilla Revived
  • Easter '10 NG Giant Egg
  • Easter '10 Giant Egg

    (Added 2014:)
  • Heads and Shoulders! EGGCZITING!

  • Admina

    Admina: We have a Giant Egg terrorizing Soluna City!! Can you help us, <Character>?

    Admina: You cracked open the Giant Egg!! Take a look inside!

    Admina: We've gotten reports of a Giant Egg spinning all around the town. We don't know what it wants.
    Admina: It's egg-stremely dangerous so if you choose to help us, we will be very thankful.
    Admina: We'll even give you a chance to purchase what's inside if you'd like.

  • golden1231 -> RE: Easter Event (4/17/2015 19:55:11)


    Easter '15: The Probe!

    Location: Soluna City
    Directions: Soluna City -> Egg-citement! Easter Events

    Locations Available:
  • Replay Egg-Static!
  • Replay Egg Attack!

    Missions Available:
  • The Probe!

    Shops Available:
  • Starship Item Shop!

  • Admina

    Admina: I'm glad you're here, <You>.

  • Replays
    Admina: You can relive any of the older events here!

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