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Repair Nicks

Also see other Repair spells ( Scrapes, Dents, Serious Dents, Systems, Critical Systems)

Location: Only available while you have the AssaultKnight equipped, if your Level is 20 or higher.
Element: Energy

  • Heals the player's HP. There is a 10% chance this spell will heal up to 4 times the normal amount. This spell can never heal more than the player's current maximum HP.
  • Healing Amount: 52 Base, 106 Random, 730% stat healing*
    *The stat formula used is the player's END/8. This works the same way stat damage, and adds additional random healing as the player's END increases.
    Cost: 147 MP

    Repair your AssaultKnight. (Heals more than 52 hit points.)


    Thanks to Reign Man and goopy7. Confirmation from Aelthai.

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