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Baker -> Mission to the Moon Quest Procedures (4/10/2008 0:51:23)

Ok, here's how the thing goes

1) Make sure you have beaten the Sys-zero missions

2) Make sure you got the ship parts (otherwise you can't move)

3) Then, go to the car dealer and buy a car (10k credits)

4) Do the mini-game to get to the castle

5) Enter castle and talk to the Kingadent

6) Once you have access, got back to the starship and fly off! (Yes, Non-SC's can do this quest)

7) On the moon, your objective is to get 10 power cells. Only unbroken ones count! When doing this part of the main quest, you can see how many power cells you have on the C-Mail screen in Soluna.

8) Enjoy the cutscene!

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