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mml -> Rebellion (4/10/2008 4:01:44)


Location: Moon > Mission > Power Cells
Objective: Collect power cells for the Kingadent
Objective Completed: Score one more victory for team Slugwrath! The rebels will never know what hit them!
Requirements: Obtaining Flight Clearance from Kingadent Slugwrath
Release Date: April 9, 2008

  • Rebel Trooper
  • Rebel Delta

  • Kingadent Slugwrath

    Slugwrath: The starship wreckage here must be the work of the rebel forces! «You», you must search and destroy all enemy units!

    Slugwrath: The starship wreckage must be the work of the rebel forces! Patrol this area and engage all enemy units you encounter!
    Slugwrath: One other thing… I am looking for power cells. When you destroy enemy units, please try to salvage their energy cells.
    Slugwrath: Now go! Show no mercy to these traitors! For all we know, they may be working with the Shadowscythe.

    If you manage to find an intact power cell:
    Slugwrath: Excellent! You were to salvage a working power cell! It will be beamed to your starship's cargo bay for immediate transport.

    If you do not manage to find an intact power cell:
    Slugwrath: Arrgh! The powercell was destroyed! I would expect better performance from GEARS finest students...
    Slugwrath: You will need to do better than that!

    After finding 10 power cells, you will no longer find anymore. Instead, "Found a black box" is displayed at the top of the Scene, and the following ensues:
    Slugwrath: Ah... hmmm... a black box? Well, you can just destroy that... We know this was the work of the rebels...
  • Destroy it (skips the cutscene and ends the quest)
  • Watch it

    Reward Shops:

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf for rewrite!

  • golden1231 -> RE: Rebellion (2/4/2012 12:38:20)


    An SDF battlecruiser flies through space. The Scene shows the inside of the cruiser. Music plays in the background (turn your sound on!).

    Hudson: Calling Home base, this is Hudson from Battlecruiser 5, reporting the daily update.
    Bishop: Hear you loud and, clear commander.
    Hudson: Looks clear today, we're going to take one more pass and then turn for home.
    Bishop: Roger that.

    Red alarm lights flash throughout the ship.

    TW17713: Warning! Warning! Unidentified object approaching!
    Hicks: It looks like a Shadowscythe fighter, sir! Nothing we can't handle.
    Hudson: Set shields to 100%, let's show these aliens what taxpayers' money can buy.

    Two Shadowscythe fighters shooting at the battlecruiser and then returns to the interior of the SDF vehicle.

    Hicks: Shields are holding, these things aren't even making a dent!
    Hudson: Excellent! Now let's fire some shots of our own. What do we have in inventory?
    Hicks: We have Tickle, Smack, Knockout, or I'm going to hit you so hard, your grandchildren will have headaches.
    Hudson: Surprise me.

    The battlecruiser blasting the Shadowscythe, but then the battlecruiser's shields glow and the message "Sabotage!" is shown. Scene reverts to the interior of Battlecruiser 5.

    Hudson: TW17713! Damage report!
    TW17713: Critical damage detected! Major shield malfunction!
    Hudson: Divert all power to shields!
    Hicks: Unresponsive, sir! Looks like someone destroyed the shield generator!
    TW17713: TW17713 predicts a 98.76% chance of total failure! TW17713 suggests evacuation!
    Hudson: Everyone to the escape pods!

    Three escape pods quickly exit the vessel just before it crashes into the moon.

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf for entry!

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