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Undead Axe

«Light Melee Axe with Trigger to Necromancers.»

Also see other Undead Axes: «Normal», Light, Sun, Stars, Galaxy

Level: 70
Power Level: 70
Price: 5,235 Gold
Sellback: 2,617 Gold
Location: Edge of Extinction / Paladin Class Shop / Paladin Storeroom Yulgar's Intermediate Shop

Element: Light
Type: Melee
Damage: 14 - 27
BTH: 9

Hits: 6
Element: Light
Type: Ranged
Damage: 195.33% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 93.67% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +30 each
Rate: 10%

TRIGGER - None of these are factored into the numbers above
  • Against Undead Monsters:
    • Normal Player Attacks do 105.06% damage and gains +4 BTH.
    • Weapon Specials do 100.54% damage and gains +8 BTH.
  • Against Non-Undead Monsters:
    • If you're a Paladin:
      • No downtrigger.
    • If you're a Necromancer:
      • Normal Player attacks do 94.44% damage and take -4 BTH.
      • Weapon Specials do 99.35% damage and take -8 BTH.
    • If you're any other Class:
      • Normal Player attacks deal 97.29% damage and take -2 BTH.
      • Weapon Specials do 99.69% Damage and take -4 BTH.
    This super-sharp axe does bonus damage to undead enemies! A favored weapon of Paladin Artix Krieger.

    Alternate Image
    Old Image

    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Description thanks to Watashig. Images thanks to Watashig and ArchMagus Orodalf.


    • Against undead, your attacks deal 110% damage. They also gain +4 BTH, but deal *85/89 damage to compensate.

    • Against anything else:
      • If you're a Paladin, there is no penalty.
      • If you're a Necromancer, your attacks deal 90% damage. They also take -4 BTH, but deal *85/81 damage.
      • If you're neither, your attacks deal 95% damage. They also take -2 BTH but deal *85/83 damage.
    Special Attack:
    Special starts out with 1172% Base, 1172% Rand, and 562% Stats plus 30 BTH. With 6 equally powerful hits, each hit does 16.67% damage. In addition, any BTH leans from the trigger are doubled and receive an appropriate damage modifier.

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