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Suikoman444 -> April Fool's 2005 - StickQuest (5/1/2008 15:19:35)


Town of StickBattleon
Special Announcement!
We have replaced all of our normal graphics and art with ultra high resolution... um... stick figures!
Do not worry, no one will notice... and we can rename the game "StickQuest.com"!


Twilly: Hiyas! Welcome to StickQuest! My name is Twilly and I use magic to heal people who are stick... I mean sick!
Twilly: These new cutting edge graphics are just AWESOME! Just look at the high polygon count on Yulgar's hair!
Yulgar: My hair does look sweet! Just wait until you see the new stick-based element system! We have also changed all of the monster names to "Gan"
Twilly: WHAT!!!? Gan? Why are all the monsters named Gan?
Yulgar: Because of out new slogan! STICKQUEST "Stick it to the Gan!"

Mini-battle with stick figure you and Ganzard

You: Egads! This Gan-zard must be immune to my branch sword of the twig +3!
Monster: Rawr! My turn!

Ganzard eats your head

You: You have to be joking...
Monster: Okay, your turn again.


Happy April Fool's Day!!
hehehehe StickQuest.com... Lets go fight some monsters!

Time to Quest!

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