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Golden Wing

«Standard Light Melee Sword.»

Also see other Wings: Golden, Flaxen, Gilded Guardian, Golden Z, Gilded, Aurous, Auric Z, Auric, Panchaloha, Guardian Orichalcum, Guardian Yliaster

Level: 11
Power Level: 11
Price: 38 Gold
Sellback: 19 Gold
Location: The Rise of Omega | Devourer Saga Items Shop

Element: Light
Type: Melee
Damage: 4 - 14
BTH: 1

Hits: 3
Element: Light
Type: Ranged
Damage: 81.33% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 57.67% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +5 each
Rate: 25%

A weapon considered cursed by the Brilhado who serve the Devourer, this is actually a blessed sword of great power against dark forces of destruction.

Old Image

Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Picture thanks to hict98 and Celidion.

  • Special starts out with 244% Base, 244% Rand, and 173% Stats plus 5 BTH.

  • With three equally powerful hits, each hit does 33.33% damage.

    All this has ALREADY been factored into the numbers above.

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