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Mecharoni's Pizza Parlor

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> Left -> Mecharoni's Pizza Parlor

Missions Available:
  • Order #66
  • Pizza Missions
  • Help?

    Shops Available:
  • "Recipe" Shop
  • "Sauce" Shop
  • Pizza Mecha

  • Maza Rella
  • Parma John
  • Bloghurl

  • Pizza Delivery Pilot
  • Pizza Hat
  • Chef's Hat
  • Pizza Knight
  • Chief Chef's Hat

    First Time Entering

    Parma John: Hey kid, you look like you can handle a Pizza delivery mecha. Wanna make some extra 'dough'?

  • Apply for Job
    Parma John: Mamma Mia! Really?
    Parma John: (thinks) she is either crazy or must not have heard about the last Pizza Delivery girl!
    Parma John: This is one job that will get you 'going places' and will sure 'open a lot of doors' for you!
    Parma John: Deliver Pizzas, get tips, and with enough promotions I may just let you use the staff shops!
    Parma John: All you have to do is sign here... and do not mind all that small print about what happens to you if you do not deliver a pizza in 30 minutes or less.

    Parma John: Great! Welcome aboard <Character>!
    Parma John: You will begin your way up the Mecharoni corporate ladder starting at the prestigious rank of Dishwasher!

  • Talk
    Parma John: Pizza delivery is a serious job requiring dedication, determination, and really good aim with a photon cannon!

    After applying for the job

    Parma John: Welcome aboard! Deliver some pizzas, get a promotion and I will give you an official uniform!

    After you've been promoted:
    Parma John: Oh sure, You hate your job now. But just wait until you are promoted to <Job Rank>!

  • Pizza Delivery - Missions!
    Parma John: We have a customer waiting for my famously delectable tuna-herring supreme! Make sure it gets there hot!

  • Talk
    Parma John: Pizza delivery is a serious job requiring dedication, determination, and really good aim with a photon cannon!

  • Uniform
    Parma John: Wearing your Mecharoni uniform will increase your chance for a promotion! Wear it with pride and strike fear into the hearts of our competitors!

    Maza Rella
    Maza Rella: <Character>! We have a (insert random pizza) ready for delivery!

  • Talk
    Maza Rella: Soluna city is full of hungry GEARS University students. Fortunately Mecharoni Pizza delivers!
    Maza Rella: This business is really competitive!
    Maza Rella: Our main competitor, Rusty Rat sends their mecha to try to ambush our pilots.
    Maza Rella: But if they want a slice of our business they are going to have to dish out a lot more! Our delivery pilots are a cut above the rest!

    Bloghurl: The Pizza here is worth the 1,000,000,000 Lightyear trip! I would like to order one of everything please.

  • Watch
    Bloghurl: *CHOMP*
    Bloghurl: *CHEW*
    Bloghurl: *GULP*
    Bloghurl: *Thinking about chewing, chomping, gurgling....*
    Character: (thinks) This fella really likes his pizza. I wonder what planet he is from.

    Other Information:
    Positions/Name (Roll Required)
    Position #1 - Dish Washer (6 roll)
    Position #2 - Pizza Delivery Pilot (12 roll)
    Position #3 - Cheese Runner (18 roll)
    Position #4 - Lead Dough Stretcher (24 roll)
    Position #5 - Pizza Topperator (20 roll)
    Position #6 - Pizza Pirate (36 roll)
    Position #7 - Pizza Assaultist (42 roll)
    Position #8 - Heavy Cheese Specialist (48 roll)
    Position #9 - Flour Power Ranger (54 roll)
    Position #10 - Tomato Blaster (60 roll)
    Position #11 - Prank Call Assassin (66 roll)
    Position #12 - Slice Sprinter (72 roll)
    Position #13 - Advanced Pepperoni Cutter (78 roll)
    Position #14 - Pizza Delivery Knight (84 roll)
    Position #15 - Pizza Top(ping) Gun! (90 roll)
    Position #16 - Pizza Delivery Crusader (96 roll)
    Position #17 - Sauce Commander (100 roll)
    Position #18 - Elite Pizza Transport Technician (100 roll)
    Position #19 - Head Seasoner (100 roll)
    Position #20 - Deep Dish Commander

    Thanks to
    -- Martin13 for other information.
    -- ShiitakeWarrior for correction.
    -- Spwnt for correction.

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