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DeathMerchant -> Khael Cobra (6/13/2008 19:51:31)


Khael Cobra

Level: 19
Price: 900 NG
Sellback: 810 Nova Gems for the first 24 hours. 225 Nova Gems after 24 hours.

Location: NG Khael Snake

HP: 350
EP: 190
EP Regen: 10

  • ????

    Description: An experimental model from Khaeldron Research Labs. Designed for rugged desert terrain.
    Image: Khael Cobra

    *Thanks to #13 for defaults, Leon ShadowHart for correction!*

  • Ello -> RE: Khael Cobra (5/21/2011 22:27:19)

    Cross String

    Equip Slot: Front Arm, Back Arm.
    Damage type: Ballistic
    Damage: 43-57
    Hits: 5
    Energy: 25
    Cooldown: 3
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effects:
  • Chance of "Acid Tipped Arrow" Causes DOT for three turns.

    Combos: N/A

    Description: Rapid firing crossbow weapon. Fires acid tipped arrows.
    Image: Cross String

    Thanks to DeathMerchant and #13

  • Ello -> RE: Khael Cobra (5/21/2011 22:29:14)


    Equip Slot: Front Shoulder, Back Shoulder.
    Damage type: Ballistic
    Damage: 41-59
    Hits: 3
    Energy: 25
    Cooldown: 4
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effects:
  • Chance of "Armor Piercing! Bonus Damage!" , Each hits does extra damage.

    Combos: N/A

    Description: An automated tomahawk launcher. Fires armour piercing tomahawks.
    Image: Tomahawk

    Thanks to DeathMerchant for info and thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf for image. #13 for orginal post.

  • Ello -> RE: Khael Cobra (5/21/2011 22:31:22)


    Equip Slot: Head
    Damage type: Laser
    Damage: 48-52
    Hits: 1
    Energy: 20
    Cooldown: 5
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effects:
  • Chance for "Penetrating Venom", Causes DoT for 3 turns.

    Combos: N/A

    Description: Reptilian head that sprays caustic acid.
    Image: Venom

    Thanks to DeathMerchant for infos and Azami for image. Original post by #13


    Equip Slot: Body
    Damage type: None
    Damage: 43-57
    Hits: 1
    Energy: 27
    Cooldown: 6
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effects: Chance for Constriction! - Stun for one round.

    Combos: N/A

    Description: A stunning constriction attack to put the squeeze on your opponent.
    Image: Constriction

    Thanks to DeathMerchant for infos and hauntar for image and #13 for original post.

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