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Andy8 -> 100 Room Easy Map Method (6/15/2008 15:16:06)

~ 100 Room Easy Map Method ~


Quest Information: 100 Rooms of Fiery Doom!

100 Room quest is a 10 x 10 Random area, it has a lot of ' T ' points on the way...Boss could be located at any dead end in the area.

1. Record down ' T ' point you passed:

Get your paper and pencil ready, once you meet the ' T ' point, record down the way you come in and the way you choose to out. If the way you choosed reaches the dead end and no Boss over there ( could be Healing pad, potion chest, etc..), come back to the ' T ' point you just passed and change to another way...and cross out the wrong way you'v just finished.

2. Give number to ' T ' points if you meet more than 1:

If you passed a ' T ' point, then meet the second one, record down same as step #1, but give number '1' to 1st and number '2' to the 2nd. In this way, you could remember the sequence you meet them...

And dont forget cross them out once you'v done...

3. Always choose the shorter dead end:

Assume you come from left, and meet the ' T ' point in this case like : ' L___T ', always turn left at the ' T ' point, you will meet the shorter dead end whether Boss is there or not. In this way, will save your time for searching...

4. Need some Luck:

That is all my 'Easy Map Method' for 100 Room quest, at the end, I wish you have more luck...[:)]

Good Luck!!

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