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Eukara Vox -> Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/25/2008 22:28:03)

The Student

Books closed again, I cannot win
This fight in which I fail
The room feels hot, I have no shot
of remembering this detail.

Why must she ask, the difficult task
of solving a problem or two
When all I see, the failure in me
There's nothing more I can do.

The temptation to drop, the work to stop
and dump my ambitions and dreams
A voice inside, so that I cannot hide
Around every corner, she seems.

I want to yell, on her answer I dwell
Saying that she is not right
How I can acheive, what others can't conceive
While I watch my dream take flight.

Why won't she leave, though upon her I cleave
And hang my future on her back
For only she, who has seen in me
Intelligence I do not lack.

If only I knew, the future she drew
Was a reality for me
I would try hard, and others disregard
And make myself what I could be.

I close the book, and dare not look
at my reflection in the glass
I do not want to see, the failure in me
And let all my dreams pass.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/25/2008 22:30:27)


I need to reach you,
But you are so far away.
I can’t see your face,
But I hear the tears anyway.
I want to scream out loud,
But you won’t hear my voice.
I am not able to be there,
But it’s not by my choice.

And try as I may,
Nothing is working today.

You sit there staring,
But there's nothing you see.
You keep thinking about it,
But you won’t use me.
You refuse to talk it out
But the pain struggles inside.
You don’t know what to do
But your instincts collide.

And try as I may,
Nothing is working today.

How do I get to you,
If you remain so far away?
How will I know you're fine,
If you can’t find your way?
How does a friend smile,
If there are tears on your cheek?
How must you be cheered,
If you can’t hear me speak?

So try as I may,
Nothing is working today.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/25/2008 22:31:43)

*My poem about being a parent*

Petal soft and newly dried, perfect smell
Half lidded eyes soak up the view
Wrapped up in warmth, love
Comfort settles amid dreams

A firefly winks out and back to reality
Where you can see the possibilities
Once here, now over there
And a giggle makes you smile

Wiggle your toes and feel the crystalline grit
Water sinks below the surface, drying
Something strange looks up
And tiny claws grasp your skin

Iridescent blues, blacks and oranges
Fluttering bright yellows and greens
Graceful, sitting upon the petals
Curled tongue and wide eyes watching

Streaks of light grace the dark and shadow
Wonder consumes and another streak
Unknown wishes, undiscovered
Eyes reflect the falling brightness of night

Beautiful, graceful, bashful eyes shaded
Blushing cheeks, first touch, first kiss
Hand to hold, shoulder to hug
The distance to walk is so long

First days, first wonder, first heartbreak
Experiences anew, afraid for life
Grateful, thankfulness abound
My glimpses of grace.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/25/2008 22:33:37)

Alska's Lullaby
*Written for a Collab, Sword on the Mantle*

Blue skies endlessly dreaming
White clouds needlessly seeming
Looking above, seeing my love
All that I can imagine.

Wonderful pictures to me
Wordlessly speaking, see
Capture my heart, never depart
All that you mean to me.

Beautiful blue, red and green
Running through pastoral scene
Carefree small smile, seen all the while
My heart soars in air with your wings.

Close your eyes, my sweet girl
Care not for the things of this world
Cling unto me, and all that you see
And I will keep you safe here with me.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/25/2008 22:35:35)


It's always the same old thing.
Creases amidst the pristine petals-
White washed, black river flow-
No joy does this flower bring.

It's passed from hand to another.
No sigh will grace its tender face-
Nor hold it aloft for the world's vision-
Ne'er will it please someone's lover.

Has no one loved this pitiful life?
Once there was strength in its leaves-
Colors vibrant against the backdrop-
Muted by a journey wrought with strife.

What joy is made complete here?
Thorns that prick, scent lost-
Weakened stem, lifeless leaves-
Will no one care to shed a tear?

Passed on again, it makes its round.
Petals streaked, lined and crushed-
Care not for what it could have done-
Happiness lay within it drowned.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/25/2008 22:43:31)


Shattered amidst the dark walls,
tall, strong, full of doubt
weakly a tattered thought falls.

Grime smeared floor reaches out
grasping, smothering,
Infusing thought with unending doubt.

Face down where dreams lie prostrate,
pounded, forgotten
before the throne of so-called great.

Trodden upon by muddied heels,
so broken, twisted,
hope the muck readily conceals.

Remains scattered across the floor
silent, dead, disgraced
To be heard from nevermore.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/26/2008 0:59:53)

Thorn in My Side

Though it seems that you can hide,
deep, behind
our worlds collide
You are still the thorn in my side.

And though I may, hard as I try,
now, later
try to deny
All of the time I tried to buy.

From my life, to dispose of you,
cost, expense
deny it's true
No matter what, I am not through.

Until I can come face to face,
brave, approach
within this place
You will always be my disgrace.

You've given me much to think about,
hard, endured
action with clout
Must you always leave me in doubt?

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/26/2008 1:03:35)

Use Me

Use me...
It is not some option to exercise at whim.
It is not a polite request.
Do not let the things around you dim.

Use me...
I am always nearer to you than you think.
I am your solid rock and strength.
Do not keep this cup for you alone to drink.

Use me...
At times it will feel like the world is crashing in.
At times, you will want it all to end.
Do not, my friend, let those thoughts even begin.

Use me...
I know that you are far away, but know I hold you dear.
I know that times ahead will be rough.
Do not allow your sight to be colored by dark fear.

Use me...
Lean on me, as heavily as needed, for I am your wall.
Lean on me, depend on me, trust me.
I will never let you down, I will never let you fall.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/26/2008 1:08:26)


Breathe life into me
Make me great
Give me shape
Smile at what you see

As I break away
Slowly I go
On my own
Softly begin my day

Watch me as I drift
Further up
Out so far
Your breath gives me lift

Up towards the clouds
I reach out
You reach up
High above the crowds

But the wind does blow
Tugging hard
Bending me
If only I had known

The further from you
Said freedom
Only brings
A life of moments few

Outside begins to thin
Fragile heart
Broken now
A dream of faithless men


Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/26/2008 1:11:36)

Dragon's Call
*For the DF lyrics contest

I was lost in this world, with nothing going for me
Alone with nothing, no future that I could see
Ramblings of a young heart in need
Chasing a prophecy of dreams

If only I was something more

Fate brought me to this place in the end
So broken was I, no longer able to bend
But I felt a tug so small
And protected you from all

All I have ever needed was you
There’s nothing that I cannot do
No one can ever take this away
You’re my salvation each day

You took my heart and wrapped in love so warm
As we grew together, unbreakable bonds did form
The call to protect the world was great
Now I know my undeniable fate

All I have ever needed was you
There’s nothing that I cannot do
No one can ever take this away
You’re my salvation each day

You turned my life around
I was lost but now found
Now I am hero bound
I couldn’t ask for more
Through the air we soar
Protectors of Lore

All I have ever needed was you
There’s nothing that I cannot do
No one can ever take this away
You’re my salvation each day

All I ever needed was you…
All I ever needed was you…
All I ever needed was you…

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/26/2008 1:12:57)

Sit Upon

Just another time upon which you sit,
Under the blinding lights of judgment
Solely for the purpose of catering to whim.
The bias from which your hypocrisy stands
Isolates even the most hardened of hearts.
Could it be that you are no better than the next?
Even he knew where to draw the line.

Is your sight so narrow?
Seconded only by your worship?

Showing your inability to give chance
Evermore marks your inability to recognise.
Reverence for that which you desire -
Verified by the total lack of opinion.
Enter the place that you will never be.
Discuss that which you will never receive.


Where is the justice, oh one who judges?
Strewn upon the dry cracked ground?
Fallen by the wayside amidst the vision
That would make the narrowest tunnel jealous?

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/26/2008 1:15:41)

Better Than

Acquired prominence never did anyone any good.
Remember the days of innocence and grace?
Random love, generated through words, gave way
Over to that which taints the very ground we trod.
Granting pursuit of a nightmare that is grasped
Awaiting the discourse of higher remarks than necessary.
Ne'er-do-wells bite at the hand that feeds them
Continually remarking of how lonely it is at the top
Even though they aren't even there yet.

Away with you, seekers of fortune!
Continue your narrative elsewhere and leave.
Continue this rant of greater than thou
On someone else's watch.
Until this civilization can come to terms with its complex,
No one will truly find greatness among the masses.
Terrify those who are beneath you some other day
End the reign upon which you submit others,
Dedicate it some other time.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/27/2008 0:06:22)

Living up

Continuity of mock supplication
Has undressed itself before me.
Ascertain for me, please, the question "Why?"
Never before has one so fervently tried
Creating such prominence among peers
Entreating upon them to approve all the while.

Forget it all!
Open your eyes!
Repent of your transgression!

Grip reality and see the outside for what it is.
Live to be free of suppression of influence!
Order your life so that you are the one to approve
Recognize that they are not all that matter
Yearn for freedom, for only then will you get it.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/27/2008 0:07:34)


The bright lights of arrogance glare upon the soul
Thinking that there is nothing more important than me.
We pretend to care about the world around us
Yet we hope our rivals fail miserably.

Cutting down the life that give us reason
Blindly seeking out that which makes each of us right.
We kneel before the throne of indifference,
With self-indulgent scales blinding our sight.

Rip apart the creation that nourishes our creativity
Claiming that is it best for our society.
Groups lead protests and raise money for recovery
Yet, I wonder if it is a cover for false piety.

Lives given and lives taken only magnifies our sin
While we point the finger at someone else to blame.
Because it is inconceivable to imagine
That one of us would be capable of such shame.

Are we really as great as we think, better than before?
Does our current situation overshadow our past?
Does our advances bring us ever closer to perfection?
Or does it condemn to that which we hold fast?

Despite our sophistication, we still are fallen people.
We are still no closer to the next level of existence.
When we close our eyes and dream of what could be,
We open them to chase now with hateful persistence.

In the morning, we wake from our sweet dreams
Only to join a world where we strive to hurt each other.
The present pain of our decisions are solely aimed
At our attempts at murdering our sister or brother.

The world as we know it slowly breaks down and cries.
We take everything we want and give nothing back.
Mothers weep over the children they lose in the moment
All because we let our morality and senses turn black.

Handouts and apathy pave our roads of gold,
All the while puffing ourselves up for admiration.
But do we really care for those who cry?
Or is all of this merely some kind of preparation?

How can we expect false love to make the world go 'round
When this world is built upon that which is our shame?
Maybe hope is not enough anymore to make it better.
And truthfully, we only have ourselves to blame.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (6/27/2008 0:12:35)

*Dedicated to Amboo*

What keeps your mind wound so tight,
That you cannot sleep this fleeting night?
Is it visions of swords slicing though the air?
Or the rescue of a princess on a dare?

Does not the darkness call to your eyes,
Asking your lips to wish sweet goodbyes?
Does a dragon pursue your every move?
Does his fire cause you something to prove?

Can you not hear the soft call of your bed,
Asking you to lay down your tired head?
Has the mage finally caught up to you?
Did he trap you in his labyrinth with no clue?

As you look at your screen, can you not see,
Sleep must come, even in good company?
Tell them all goodnight, bid them farewell,
Until later tomorrow, with stories to tell.
The mage's light fades as does his voice,
Knowing that you must make the choice.

Lie down in your bed, pull your blanket high,
Then breathe in deep and release the sigh.
Nodding his head, witholding his flame.
Your dragon will meet you tomorrow to tame.

The fluttering of lids, your eyes they hide,
No longer able to fight the tide.
A princess's kiss lay upon your cheek,
To remind you of the one you seek.

As your mind wanders through the restless maze,
Your sleep will give you that which will amaze.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (7/17/2008 2:18:42)


The thought of you trying isn't enough.
Ever think for a moment that no matter what
All of your effort is in vain?
Rendering you hopelessly useless
Striving not to succumb to the pain.

Mark another one on the wall.
Agonize if it was the right call.
You realize no one cares at all.

Frequent is the heart's push to become
All that everyone demands and you try.
Laugh not, for that moment has passed;
Let your spirit break so you can die.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (8/5/2008 22:11:27)


Silvery moonlight cascades
Interwoven with the stars
Letting in all that you can see
Entering into that time where
No one knows the difference
Calling upon the shadows
Evermore feeling the light

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (8/15/2008 2:33:52)

Your Hand

Bearing the weight of all my dreams
Ever lifting me beyond all measure
Little do you realize the rock that you are
Only God is more to me than you
Victorious, I stand beneath the light
Entering the place of greatness
Dependant totally on you.

Truth weighs heavy upon your head
Heart open to help me be what I want
Overwhelmed I am
Under your wings I soar

Alleviate my frustration and doubt
Roar into the night that consumes
Then hold me once again and say it is alright.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (8/16/2008 11:06:04)

Collaboration between Me and Mistermafio. Cool, huh! His is the bolded text.

The Olympics

The music reaches its climax
as a lone figure climbs upon a stage.
In his hand not a weapon,
in his mind not even a hint of rage.

In his hand he holds a simple flame,
that has travelled many miles across the globe.
A flame symbolising more then only fair-play,
a flame symbolising hope.

As millions of eyes watch ever on
the flame illuminates the night.
Showing the world that one place, one flame
could make everything right.

United they watch, flame spirals up.
To life, the Olympic torch roars,
thousand below watch on in awe.
Hope, upon heated wings, does soar.

And as it spreads through the thousands of people in the stadium,
it is caught by the camera’s lens.
And transported to millions of people all across the world,
from interested watchers, to dedicated fans.

The entire world,
joined in a collective sigh.
Looking at the flame
burning ever-bright

Wide-eyed, the audience watched,
as performance after performance astounded.
The athletes marched, flags waving high,
a the world’s sigh collectively sounded.

The weight of peace rested on these shoulders,
as all would watch their actions.
Would they compete together in peace?
Or would there be distractions?

Sporters from throughout the world,
competing to be the best.
Not a single incident,
peace between the east and west.

People cheer together,
regardless of colour and race,
language and religion
or the shape of ones face

The games begin, as the world looks on,
And teammates watch in anticipation.
Would they medal, would they win?
Or would they let down their entire nation?

Moments of grace and sportsmanship
between one athlete and the next
give all those viewing at home
something noteworthy to respect.

And while some might think these games are all about money,
all about winning, all about fame.
Or just that it’s all simply
just a stupid game.

To most, it has been something special,
a time for friends to get together and cheer.
And a special time for families to sit and watch,
bonding once again, loving, completely sincere.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (8/25/2008 13:49:23)


The piano plays on, yet the silence hangs heavy.
Remembering laughter and color,
Uplifting the soul, giving it wings to soar.
Thoughts of eternity blanketed the truth;
Hallowed companionship, gone yet again
Forever lost to the rush of things yet to be.
Unless I can hold onto what has been
Little will fill the void within.

Searching the emptiness leads me away
Into places of smiles and memory.
Little did I realize the pain this would bring
Even though I knew it was coming
Ne'er did I imagine it this way.
Crush not what my heart needs to remember
Ever silent world that surrounds me.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (9/10/2008 1:16:22)

Close Yourself Up

To know that nothing is sacred, nothing held true
Only pains me with what the world will do.
To disregard that which you hold in your hand
As little more than lip service, a false demand.
You uphold that which you see as right
Seeking to push what is brought to light.
But no matter how much you attempt to please
Someone succeeds at bringing you to your knees.
It is the bomb that goes off deep within the heart,
The eruption that shreds your soul apart.
The knowledge that feeds the growing dismay
That nothing is special, all is thrown away.
Close up your heart, so no one sees within
Let not the outside touch what lies therein.
Because when you do, all you will have is pain
And the tears that fall will be like the rain.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (9/10/2008 15:48:06)

What You Do Have

Oh, block the waves that batter us down,
That crash on the shores, blocking all sound.
Deafening us to the ones who call out,
Who wearily beat away our doubt.
We plead and beg for a gentle respite,
From the disabling pain accompanying the night.
Sweep aside the darkness, pull the cobwebs away,
Hold our heads up high to see the light of day.
For we can no longer manage the strength on our own,
And need the gentle hand, someone guiding us home.
Taking us to the place where we should never have left,
As leaving has made us empty and bereft.
Faces wet with tears, our feet drag through the dirt,
Realizing the extent of what our lives are worth.
But gently the hands continue to guide
And lift the faces of those trying to hide.
Wrapping us with blankets, handsomely spun,
By caring hands and love from each one.
Hug after hug, comforting words are spoken
And the spell cast by time is wonderfully broken.
A seal of protection is placed upon each head,
So that nevermore will we have anything to dread.
For our home is a place of friendship and heart,
Where laughter and love never depart.
Creating the place where we magically forget,
And the bad is left behind, no longer a threat.
Oh, drown us now with the love of our friends,
The gentlest rainfall, upon which we depend.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (9/26/2008 15:04:32)


There once was a fisherman from Blue Otter
Who sat in his boat as it got hotter
He snored into a dream
A tug made him scream
And he yelled, "Ha! I finally got her!"


Slipped Again

Certainty seems beyond my grasp today,
Upon the unmade bed my body lay.
Sadly I cannot dream
A dead end I must seem
And no idea how long this will stay.

Why can't this apathy disappear?
I wish it would just take its leave from here.
Stop messing with my head,
Away, my thoughts are lead,
Unto pathways that are very unclear.

The world's great tug on me spins me around
Until all my desires are tightly bound.
They, wishing to be free,
Mournfully plead with me,
But I cannot bring up that which has drowned.

Buried within the confines of life I stand
Knowing this was nothing like I had planned.
Threatened with burn-out,
So shrouded in self-doubt,
While time slips away with the silver sand.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (9/26/2008 15:10:30)



Plants withered down low
Sun beats harsh against the ground
Cracked earth cries aloud


Gentle, soft, loving;
Heal the wounds of thy torn heart
Receive His graced kiss.


Shine down upon me,
Thy benevolent Grace, mine,
So that I know love.


Oh! To write a life:
Love, successful foray, real
Must it be fiction?

Eukara Vox -> RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry (9/28/2008 16:12:01)

Amber Waves Perished

Rippled expanses of amber teases the mind,
And slowly, so very slowly, time begins to unwind.
Is this the place where life becomes oversimplified?
Where love, laughter and the need to return is combined?
Only then is the cost of now truly amplified.

Where has the great blue gone, the crisp white of cloud;
Grandeur of the mountains that made the world proud?
Unsettling the horizon has become of late,
And the world that has been, now finds itself cowed.
The more the world changes, the more it's deemed great.

But what of the vastness of the unknown lands?
Or the joy in beaches of pristine sands?
Have these noble things lost their luster and shine?
Are we to fall into the grip of the modern demand,
To sacrifice our souls on the convenience shrine?

Does no one yearn for the days of our past
When colors were bright, and wilderness vast?
When elegant birdsong was the music in our ears
And we pursued the birds, hoping that it would last.
Does this not move you? Bring you to tears?

When was the last time you felt the loamy earth
Spring beneath bare feet as you laughed in mirth?
Criss-crossing paths made of trampled ground
Has humanity really lost sight of what its worth
To be able to run, to see joy in what you've found?

Can we honestly say life is better now,
That progress has improved us vastly somehow?
That we fill our home with toy pets and plants
To remind us of what we have begun to allow
Shrugging our shoulders at the metallic tyrants.

Little by little, our hearts will begin to break
And we will find the gamble had a higher stake.
We will lose all that we should have cherished
And regret the actions that made the world quake.
And wonder why we didn't stop as amber waves perished.

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