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Neograde -> Hover Train (6/25/2008 23:15:52)

Hover Train

Location: Khaeldron
Directions: Khaeldron -> Jhaek-ha/ Arin-ha > Mission > Let's Go!

  • Monster Ant
  • Monster Scorpion

  • Jhaek-ha
  • Arin-ha

    Jhaek: The train is running again, but it has a dangerous route through the dessert.
    Arin: We need someone to help protect the train. Are you interested?

    Jhaek and Arin: The hover train should have come through this area.We think it may have been sabotaged. (Next Button)
    Jhaek and Arin: If you do find any wreckage, then we will have the parts refurbished and repair the train. (Next Button)
    Jheak and Arin: Good Luck <Character>! We are counting on you!

    After finding a train part:
    Jhaek-Ha and Arin-Ha: Excellent! You have found <Train Part>! It will be refurbished and installed immediately.

    After you find all the train parts:
    Jhaek-Ha and Arin-Ha: You have found all the train parts but there may still be treasure here. Feel free to look around.

  • There are 10 train parts total. (Engine, Rails, Hover Pad, Cabin, Burner, Piston, Coupling, Chickencow Catcher, Passenger Car, Caboose)

    *Thanks to Lizard King and Rhowena for info, riski93 for enemies!*

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