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Mae Pi

Location: Osprey Cove Inn, Monkee War Show Down

Quests Given
A Gift
Water You Doing

Shops owned

Osprey Cove Inn

Mae Pi: Arrr, <Class>! Either yer here to rest or to gab and unless you have a coin fer me you can take a long walk off that short pier out there.

  • Talk
    Mae Pi: I be Mae Pi, the keeper of this here inn. My family has been pirates fer fathers upon father's fathers.
    Mae Pi: We're proud pirates and I don't want to hear non o' that ninja talk. Ninjas are a disgrace, I say. No honor in the lot o' them.
    Mae Pi: They be tricksters and cowards.. My own... I don't care who you are, if yer a ninja, yer no friend to me.

  • Quests
    Mae Pi: I've got nothin' fer the likes of you to do right now.

    If you've completed Monkee Business:
    Mae Pi: I've got little errand for you.

    A Gift

    Mae Pi: Those no good ninja destroyed my Inn! This be the last straw I tell ya! I'm tired of this foolishness!
    Mae Pi: I need ye to do me a favor, <Character>.
    Mae Pi: I have a gift for ye to take to the Ninja Inn. Maybe this will get the message across... that I be done with such silly pranks as this.
    Mae Pi: Careful o them ninja monkee's they be a curious lot and probably won't be happy to see the like of ye comin' in there with a mystery box.

    Water You Doing

    Mae Pi: This be ribculous! Dose ninja hab gone doo far! Ib'll dake weeks do get the Inn back do dat homey pirate smell!

    Mae Pi: I want you do dake dis bottle do de Inn. Go do the upstairs hallway and open id!

    Mae Pi: Oub of hand!? Are ye a pirate or aren'b ye? If ye has become sympathebic do de ninja, den be Braken will seem like a fuzzy, blue moglin!

    Mae Pi: It be air breathin' podion.

    Mae Pi: Dake id and go!

    Monkee War Show Down

    Mae Pi: So at last I find ye, ye cowardly scum!

    Mae Pi: What about the smell in me Inn?! The stench be killin' every bit of plant life within a half mile!!

    Mae Pi: Huh?

    Mae Pi: Oh stink.

    Mae Pi: Huh?

    Mae Pi: Awwwwwwwww.


    Thanks to
  • Jay for image.
  • Stephen Nix for location banner.
  • latedog for quests given.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for additional dialogue and corrections.
  • Leon ShadowHart for coloring and correction.
  • Peachii and Sasuke Uchiha for corrections.

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