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Oh my god...I can't believe I did this but well here you go folks the fabulous history of Geoto. Prepare to get you're biscuits (bikis) and glasses out for a nice read [8|]

1st Era
The birth of a famous nation and that was Geoto....

Little is known about the beginning of Geoto or who formed the council some say it PoV some say it was someone else.But everything that we have on the 1st era can be summed up like this.

What we do know is that PoV was a clan head during that time and a famous one at that. We also know that Geoto may have lacked manpower or battle tactics due to the lost we suffered. This was where our hatred of Aerodu comes from.

What we donít know is who was before PoV if anyone. Why Geoto lost. Also we donít know if the hatred for Aerodu stemmed from more than just getting whooped in a war.

These early days were also remembered to be the best...even though we lost...I know itís not all about winning...but...in the end it is lol.
Postnote added 19/09/14- According to Wolfworshipper, who was around back then, PoV was indeed the first Geoto Clan Head. He also mentioned that some animosity between Aerodu and Geoto came from Geoto copying Aerodu's clan council system, which Nautica also copied later on. But with PoV leading it ours became more popular, along with the clan as a whole, on the forums. Wolfworshipper attributed this to "our creativity and newbie friendly atmosphere," which is apparently when tensions rose so high with Aerodu. He also mentions how it was"Wizeman and Verina that managed to keep the eager recruits in check on our forums." Wolfworshipper originally left not long after this era ended, though he does drop in from time to time. Wolfworshipper also added that "Findecano Nenharma was also a prominent figure in the first era of the War, though I can't remember any individual contributions except concepts for my own work, perhaps someone else does? "

2nd Era of Geoto: Revenge against Aerodu

Revenge! Grrr

After the drastic loss we had taken in the first paxian war Geoto was filled with new determination and revenge was on the agenda. Bmicheald head of war/strategy immediately took action into forcing Aerodu out of the competition as fast as possible. Thus the Geotian attack squads were formed which consisted of new players led by veterans to smash Aerodu.

From this was the birth of Chatzy, a system of casual MSN type OCC for Geotians and proved to be a popular feature that was only featured in Geoto. This system was created by Alphonse02 and to help the members of Geoto speak to council members in a direct manner.

Internal affairs

The council however was finding its own problems and a rift started to form between Bmicheald and Paladin of Valor. The reasons for this are presumed to be that Bmicheald felt PoV lacked the dedication needed for a leader. Unfortunately at the same time mods would prove to be another obstacle that the council had to deal. This effectively caused a big divide in the council for one took the side of mods and wished to stop mini modding for good another side wished to stress that they were only trying to help the AKís and mods as well as offering advice to new members.

Within a day of the thread being posted on the issue it was filled with two types of people. The first were the mods at the time the most dominant mod was a guy named Scakk who was at the time one of the most influential mods in paxia. People who sided with Scakk in the council were quite a fair amount the most well known figure in the council on his side was the Clan head Paladin of Valor. On the other side were Bmicheald and quite a following of dedicated individuals who sided with him to go against the mod and Clan head. Alas the thread soon came to a close and Bmichealds popularity and respect amongst fellow Geotians was quickly dwindling but the killer blow was when Alphonse02 was banned leaving Bmicheald and co defeated and thus council members were to now obey the mini modding rule. The end results were score 1 for Paladin of Valor and for the moment his leadership was strong.

Chatzy gang protesters

A small group of Chatzy followers consisting of U-moss, Ultimate Paladin, Hatuke, Leon Lionheart, Wizeman305 and Neo_manni posted a thread to try and unban Alphonse02 yet it was quickly dealt with and deleted, however this only made Chatzy stronger for now more people would join the Chatzy system so that they could carry on speaking with Alphonse and ask for advice.

Another change that happened which has been subject to a lot of speculation was the new council placements which were originally intended to boost man power but many of the people who signed up were loyal friends of both Bmicheald and Wizeman305 this may have been coincidence but then again it may not have been. For instance U-moss took a council job under XxxenaXxx the councils head Peacekeeper of Geoto, and Leon Lionheart went to help Bmicheald with war/strategy.

Bmicheald strikes back (so not a rip off of empire strikes back btw)

Bmicheald had been devising a way to shift the power of Geoto. Many would presume this might be out of hatred or revenge yet most believed he did the right thing as Paladin of Valorís activity was getting lower and lower. Complaints of not speaking for the people of Geoto were also made against him and so Bmicheald took drastic measure to deliver them a clan head who they could trust and voice their opinions for them. In Chatzy Bmicheald and PoV made a deal, that if Bmicheald step down from the head of war/strategy position then PoV would organize a new election to vote for a clan head. This was when Bmicheald nominated Wizeman305 for the position and thus the election took place.

Even though PoV had a dedicated fan base in his favour he was being drastically outvoted as many voted for Wizeman305. This was a turning point in Council structure as most voters explained that they chose Wizeman because they thought him to be a cool guy on Chatzy. This made the Chatzy system almost crucial to being a member of the council. Wizeman305 won the election and although reluctant PoV passed on the title. After that it is unknown where he went but he was no longer active on the Geoto forums this was another turning point for Geoto that marked the end of the 1st era.

The reason why I spell Wize always wrong and dang I spelt it wrong again!

As new leader Wizeman quickly set about reforming the council and several elections were put up to vote for new art council members new Peacekeeper council members and finally new war/strategy council members. Oddly enough these placements were filled by U-moss for peacekeeping and Leon Lionheart for war/strategy, wizeman respectively stayed as head of art thus taking on two jobs in the Geoto council. New helpers for the council were also voted on and DragonkillerJc and Ultimate paladin filled these roles. With a new structure and a what was to be believed a stable Geoto the Council now turned to in game affairs to demolish Aerodu.

Once the council members looked at the situation though, things seemed to not be as good as they thought it would be. It was pointed out that in our haste to deal with Aerodu we have forgotten about Nauticaís attacks, it was true Nautica had mostly been neutral but several reports showed that Nautica were most likely aiding Aerodu. Drastic actions were taken and Wize ordered for the head of war to get more people to defend to help keep Geoto in the war and he asked for the peacekeepers to try and win over Nautica. It is speculated that this may be the reason of why the war was prolonged as the all out attack approach had to be put on halt to keep Geoto from being put out of the game.

For the first few weeks the plan worked and Geotoís health was depleting slower but so was Aeroduís and Nautica remained practically untouched. Several ideas were proposed to combat this threat such as allying with Aerodu to take down Nautica and although the plan was took into consideration it was quickly scrapped due to poor relations between the two clans. In many ways this proved how effective Nautica had been and proved that although consisting of a few members they had smart members since it can be presumed that they would know Geoto and Aerodu would mainly fight each other and used the lust for revenge in Geoto and the pride of Aerodu to make sure the two clans were constantly attacking each other. This was brought to the attention of the council but it was agreed that the rivalry between Geoto and Aerodu took priority and so the idea of winning was over but the hope of eliminating Aerodu was more than enough to keep Geotians fighting.

Rise of the Phoenix (or crazy dude as I call him)

The next week however would see the rise of who could honestly be known as the craziest and most eccentric council member to date. This man was Eatin Phoenix who was a long time buddy of Wizeman305. Leon Lionhearts computer was put out of action making a dent in the war council but it was quickly fixed by Eatin Phoenix taking over. Eatin Phoenix was well liked by the public of Geoto for his witty remarks and the fact that he was one of the strongest Geotianís that fought making him a perfect choice.

Eatin Phoenix proved to be a capable leader although his dedication was questioned by the fact that he would stress about how he felt pressured into the position. Bmicheald feeling that a council member should be a 100% committed to their job as a council member began to doubt Eatin Phoenix. A rift formed with many arguments being fought between the two and eventually Eatin Phoenix was booted from Chatzy for misuse of language. This caused a divide in Geoto and many complained about not being able to talk to Eatin Phoenix on Chatzy so to combat this Wize made a second Chatzy and thus this would be the unforeseen fall of Chatzyís popularity on the forums.

The divide Dun Dun Dun long pause....

With two Chatzyís it became harder for people to meet since some would go to one whereas people would be in the other one. This caused a lot of confusion in the forums, but eventually the original Chatzy slowly died out due to the public taking mostly Eatin Phoenixís side and he gained followers such as Sometimes and Namic1234 who would help Eatin Phoenix with the fight.

In amongst this chaos however Geoto beat down Aerodu and it is known that most strife within the Geoto forums was put on hiatus so that Geoto could celebrate. The only problem was an overpowered Nautica now knew who to kill and they werenít going to show any mercy. Soon the end of war came about with Geoto losing and morale was pretty low with the end of war came new clans and thus the 3rd era of Geoto came about.

3rd Era

Peaceful tension? I so made that up lol

A now peaceful Paxia brought about a lot of tension as Geoto feared many people leaving but some remained hopeful that it would be just dead weight. This also marked the return of Leon Lionheart who arrived at the original Chatzy and only meeting Bmicheald who had felt betrayed by Wizeman305 act of supporting Eatin Phoenix. Although Wizeman305 tried to remain neutral Bmicheald did not see it that way and thus their friendship came to a close.

Numero Uno (the uno game btw creeps me out)

Thanks to the help of Ultimate paladin and Leon Lionheart though the original Chatzy was officially remade into the numero uno Chatzy and thus the second Chatzy was put to the guillotine. This helped reunite the council and ex council members once more in which they all focused on Geotoís future a plan was put in place to make sure Geotoís ally would be the fire clan Igneus and so Bmicheald was entrusted the task of becoming a dominant and influential figure in Igneus to help out Geoto.

Eatin Phoenix stepped down from his job as he felt it was time to move on and thus he vanished. Another blow to the council was the departure of U-moss whose computer crashed putting him out of action. Wizeman305 was starting to feel the pressure and in an attempt to keep the council strong and stable he asked for Leon Lionheart to replace Eatin Phoenix
and Ultimate Paladin to take over from U-moss.

The perfect plan....(I love it when a plan comes together...though in this case it didn't)

The council did well with gaining firm ground and with the Alliance between Geoto and Igneus slowly getting stronger Geoto felt as if it was back on a rise to the top. It was widely accepted and believed that they were prepared for the next war and many were confident in the council. Bmichealed effectively got into the Igneus council and was a major role in keeping Geoto and Igneus allied. During this time there was a decrease in Geoto numbers due to new clans most Geotians however turned to Igneus and so an Igneus and Geoto Chatzy was made which greatly helped boost relations between the two clans.

This however was doomed to die for unforeseen announcements would be the breaking part for the Geoto Council and truly was the lowest time for Geoto. The devourer was coming and Paxia was given a choice alliances or Unity. Feeling that the Devourer was probably not actually ever going to attack Paxia the Geoto council agreed that keeping their alliance would be best but to maintain a unity stance to the other clans. Igneus agreed and the alliance between the two clans was made that if Paxia should ever fall into chaos once more then the two shall rise to defeat the other clans.

Unfortunately however other clans became aware of the alliance and within a few days Igneus withdrew their part of the deal and officially voted for Unity. Outnumbered and basically no hope of the plan working Geoto voted for unity as well. It was a dark day for all the council and the members felt it, drive and passion in Geoto began to fade as did the determination of the Council.

Farewell cookie dudes(choco chipped cookies rulez)

All three head council members decided to finally step down, it was agreed that the Geoto forum was not the place they once knew and each member had more personal vendettaís to attend to. So it was that all three left the council and the Geoto forums. In their place however came many new faces including a guy new to the forums called Oliver Bell (yup the one and only)!

The leaving of the old council eventually led to another clan head who would take over from him, only this time the guy was back for the third era yes it was none other than the infamous Paladin of Valor.

SHOCK HORROR...nah kidding come on who didnít see that coming?

Paladin of Valor boosted activity in Geoto much like how he gained a lot of activity in Geoto the first time round when he was in power. It is unknown whether or not Paladin of Valor had been waiting for this moment to take back control or if he was just doing it to be benefit the clan. It can be interpreted in many ways so itís best to make your own assumptions of why he waited until Wizeman305 left to go back to Geoto forums.

Once again Paladin of Valor proved to be a likeable clan head and once more he had a lot of followers who believed in the way of Paladin of Valor and many learnt a great deal from him and took his advice on board. Not only did Paladin of Valor do well on the Geoto forum board but he did well in the fight for unity and was known to be a promoter of a united Paxia.

Democracy 4EVER!(buy the te-shirt now available at all local parliments and governing bodies)

Another election soon took place for the reason that Paladin of Valor could not stay active as much and from this election won a young boy who was like Paladin of Valors apprentice of sorts. This guy was dollerboy2000 who was significant in trying to boost and on some levels actually adding a lot more of activity in Geoto. Dollerboy2000 however wasnít exactly your typical clan head and at times did get ahead of himself but much like Paladin of Valor he established a strong host of supporters as well as people who loathed him. To be blunt Dollerboy2000 was the marmite of Geoto you either loved him or you hated him.

His position of clan head though would be later questioned when Necromancer Verina came back to the Geotian forums (sheís more known as girl who handed out plushies all the time and donít ask what a plushie is cos I honestly donít know) Dollerboy2000 did not know she was an old war veteran and unfortunately treated her a bit too much like a noob and well it got ugly; this took place on either 07/09/07 or 07/10/07 based on PMs I have from the time. This was maybe the first step to Geoto seeing faults in dollerboy2000 as a friend of Necromancer Verinaís was Wizeman305 and this caused him to go to Chatzy and to see for himself if Dollerboy2000 was a good clan head. This led to Wizeman305 backing up Necromancer Verina in the thread and to him effectively ending all relations with the Geoto forums this for some was a big thing that Dollerboy could certainly have done without.

I have decided to add my personal account of this event since I still remember it well and have the pms from the time. [ prepare for some narrative] The issue started over a thread where you were suppossed to post equipment suited to Geoto, as in actual equipment in AQ. However, the thread had existed for some time in which time a couple of members (who I won't be naming though both were long standing Geotians who have since left the forums) posted fantasy equipment, basically names of equipment which did not exist but would suit Geoto if it did, this was rather off topic but accepted by dollerboy2000 and other Geotians; well there were no complaints. Necromancer Verina, in her first post back on the Geoto forums since pre-dollerboy2000 era, did the same thing. dollerboy2000 responded rather harshly towards Necromancer Verina telling her specifically to stay on topic, making no mention of the other two posters, and I think he made some comment relating to noobs which was implied at Necromancer Verina. (note the term 'think' is used since it was a long time ago and I don't have copies of the posts from the time so I am going on memory). dollerboy2000 clearly did not know Necromancer Verina was an old veteran and former member of the encouragement and peacekeeing council, I recognised the name from wolfworshipper's art thread though, she has a custom sig there. Necromancer Verina's last activity before this was before I had joined the forums and I think before dollarboy2000 became truely active in Geoto, since he clearly did not recognise her and she did not seem to know him. Unfortunately the damage had been done before I could let dollerboy2000 know.

I talked by pm to both dollerboy2000 and Necromancer Verina but there was little I could do. dollerboy2000 had always been strongly advocating a policy of 'leaders don't apologise they negotiate' however his excuses only made things worse; in my view an immediate apology could have saved the situation. Necromancer Verina on the other hand felt dollerboy2000 was arrogant and providing a "double standard" treatment to members, something which she greatly disapproved of. As a result she contacted Wizeman305, I know very little personally of Wizeman305's talk on Chatzy with dollerboy2000 only that he made a post on the forums announcing he was ending relations with Geoto afterwards. dollerboy2000 had by this time bit the bullet and made a full apology to Necromancer Verina in the thread in question, now seriously off-topic, but by this point it was far too late to save the situation; at least in hindsight. Last I heard of Necromancer Verina she had left to join Nautica but became inactive, at least 2 other well known Geotians followed suit. dollerboy2000 was, based on a pm he sent me, seriously considering resignation at this time.

Here is what Wolfworshipper had to say about the matter when he last visited

It is a real shame to read that doller didn't get along with Verina, I was quite fond of the both of them actually. But, frankly, I'm not surprised things ended the way they did.
I remeber Verina as a very virtuous person and always prepared to work out things diplomatically, however, if she felt like her integrity was comprised she would be really offended (and rightfully so). She had a warm heart and made the recruits feel at home.
Dollerboy2000, I remember him as being very keen and loyal to the cause from the first moments he stepped in these halls.
I was very moved by his passion for Geoto and created a personal signature for him concerning his work of the Newspaper.

Dollerboy good or bad (Money rulez slightly less then cookies)

Dollerboy2000 may have been the reason for several old members to leave but he was also responsible for attracting in a new crowd who all helped keep Geoto active and in good competition against the other clans. But his time was not too last much longer as for unknown reasons led to him dissapearing for a bit but he would return causing a lot of drama in Geoto.

Brought life to Geoto lifeman does exactly what it says on the tin!

Lifeman9 won the next election and kept Geoto together in dark days. It can be argued that Lifeman9 had the most stable relationship as he was a greatly respected citizen of Geoto and kept everything in line. This is probably the reason to his success at winning a further one more election. In many ways Lifeman9 was a more then capable leader and came up with fine new ideas to keep Geoto busy. Activity however was falling due to people growing weary of competitions this was to do with the AE team though and generally bad luck.

Clan head vs Clan head a power struggle on an epic scale

As usual with the elections another one was setup and Lifeman9 looked set for winning once more but Dollerboy perhaps wishing to reclaim power stepped in andd literally robbed Lifeman9 of the title causing an upset within the council that would lead to the council looking like a soap drama. Lifeman9 was infuriated and it could be right to think that he should considering how he was able to keep Geoto in tact and was a capable leader. This led to liifeman9's desertion of the clan but only for a brief period as thankfully it was sorted out through words (So should have done it eskomo style you know a dagger and a rope only one survivor).

Dollerboy however started to show once more weaknesses in his rule and much like previous clan heads that were firmly populuar at the start his popularity decreased and thus a fight within the council and concerning some members outside of the council begun. People looked to lifeman9 for help who quickly re did an election and he was voted as temporary clan head thus stopping Geoto from having pretty much a civil war. Some time after this Dollerboy would get banned and thus never to return again. Lifeman9 and Oliver bell cleaned up the mess and kept Geoto strong but once more bad luck was with Lifeman9 and internet problems occured forcing him to bow out of the next election.

Give me an O give me an L...ah canít be bothered anymore you know whatís coming next.

Then Oliver Bell took over (yes I know zomg right?) and is the current clan head of Geoto and is widely popular for the Geotian lioness (yeah you know who I talking about) Since the ideas he has put into that thread has made her the most successful clan pet in paxia (Yeah take that Aerodu....I mean yeah woot.) Anyways Oliver Bell has done a stand up job of clan head and with his help we combated against drakels. With the AE team finally seeming to put more effort into Paxia it looks like Oliver Bell might have a bit of luck.

This however is thanks to his steadfast dedication in staying with a clan that was practically dead at one point. It has paid off for him though and he has attracted many old members back to the clan including moi, he also has a welcoming personality and is generally good at helping others and I can honestly say I never seen him lose his cool (cos heís a robot) Anyways that finally leads up to now yes now woot so you can stop reading now....seriously end of history lesson stop reading.

Still here, but almost forgotten

This Edit is to update the history of Geoto up to the modern day as much as possible and is written by me as Leon Lionheart is no longer active.

Since the last entry not much has changed in Paxia, this has led to increased unrest and inactivity among the formites. many of the older members that returned to the forums have left again, though Oddler has given me his e-mail so he can make any updates to the Geoto website. I am still the clan head, so I believe I beat wizeman305 by now.

There was a competition a couple of years back where each clan had to design a power core and collectible which were supposed to enter the game in 2010, it is May 2011 and we have still heard nothing about it. The Geoto core and collectible were first suggested by members then voted on, the winner being Heart of the Forest for the core and Gaia's Tear for the collectible. I cannot locate any record of who's suggestions they were, but congratulation to whoever came up with them. We also started a new private forum with the help of Erason, acting as a Lucian ambassador, the forum started with quite a large amount of activity.

[Post script added on 03/20/13] found an old quote from erason on the Private forum.

The winner for the core is Heart of the Forest and the collectable winner is Gaia's tear. Congratz lordcrepe and Raphael777.

While it may not yet be in game even after 3 years we do now know who to credit for the ideas. [End of post script]

In regards to membership one new member stands out, Balubamboto, now just Balu. He has been most helpful ever since joining the forums. Other members have also come and gone over time, in relation to activity. Both Bilurpg and Manga Maniac were some of the more active members, though recently they have not been around despite being moderators for this private forum, might need to talk to them about that. erason has also been rather inactive for awhile.

There is still an event of sorts in Paxia, a basic counter where the current aim appears to be staying above 0. Ever since a reset was announce last year, though still hasn't happened I hasten to add, the activity in Paxia has reached a new low. That about covers history for 2009 and 2010 and it is a big disappointment to say the least. Though one redeeming factor is that some members have made great individual achievements. Balu has become level 136, the level cap, in late 2010 and became an AK on the AE forums. Neo_manni reached level 136 and both him and Balu have done a very respectable amount of defending for Geoto. Bilurpg, Bilu on the Private forum, also reached level 136. Kosefira, a long standing member of Geoto, received a position as an AK.

In regards to early 2011, things appear to be fairly constant though membership has gone down to only a couple of active Geotians, including myself, on the Paxia forums. There are some talks on the AE forums about Paxia but whether they will come to anything or not is not something I am going to predict.

Time for another update to the Geotian history. Things have continued to decline, it is now August 2012, there has been greatly decreased activity on the forums. I haven't seen Erason for over a year and I am usually the only one posting in the Geoto forum. There are a few forum events worth mentioning though. Paxia ultimate conquest, a game originally designed by Dread_Shadow_Max has kept the remaining Paxians occupied. Dynami won the first game and the second one, run by dethhollow, is down to just Aerodu, Geoto and Dynami. I was made an AK for the CFG&H forums on the 7/2/2012, hence how I am able to make these updates on the first post. It seems the new mod for CFG&H, skydrite, is keen on revitalising this area of the forums which seems to be a good sign. On the 8/10/2012 we were given a contest by the mods to write our clan's descriptions, both me and Balu entered. In the end my description was selected but I wouldn't have been surprised either way, it depended on what sort of description the mods were looking for.

In early December 2012 there is still some activity in Paxia, Paxia ultimate conquest has taken a strange turn, Dynami won the second game with Geoto in second, the third game currently has Aerodu in the lead followed by Geoto with Dynami facing 3 consecutive weeks of defeat still running, then lastly Glacius. Other than that there have been no in game events or major forums events since the last update. Though I have created a 'The Geoto Clan' guild in AQW ready for any Geotians who want to join.

Xov's schemes
Since December very little has happened, in the PUC we have been fighting with Aerodu and it is a competition between our two clans. However, on the 27th June Eukara Vox's intro to a soon to come war on Paxia was released with new weapons for each clan, certainly a sizeable update. The war is coming soon and should give Paxia a needed boost, this has rallied the remaining paxians to try another revival of the clans before the war begins, let us hope it goes well.

The result: the results of Xov's invasion have been mixed but overal fairly positive. The clans are more active than they have been in months, I am not the only active Geotian in this board anymore, but there have been some downsides linked to this renewed activity. One such downside is that all clans have had to start their government systems again from scratch, as such I am no longer Clan Head, in fact no one is and we have not yet got an agreed electoral system to select one or to select councillors, this has been the case for just over two months now, I am posting this in mid September. I believe only one clan, Igneus, has yet had their new electoral system idea approved but even that only happened in the last few days. On the other hand though Scakk has agreed to let some old threads which were formerly banned during the lockdown of paxia to return the old food threads for instance, though it came with a high price, while Private forums are allowed to exist we may no longer link to them on the AE forums. As for the event itself many Paxians got an apperance in game, Eukara selected them from this thread where she asked Paxians a set of questions prior to the event and warned us to be careful in choosing our words; for good reason as you can see from the war intro.

As time goes on...
Paxia has fallen once again towards inactivity, we still have a few dedicated members though activity is low except in the Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread, we have just started a new game after Geoto successfully defeated Aerodu completely; turning the whole map green. Congratulations. Still the fall in activity has me worried especially since we have not yet established a new council system and I am pretty much the only active Geotian left and the only active Geotian with an interest in completing the reformation of the council system, so looks like I will need to get heavy handed and get something set up. It has been months now without a Clan Head.

Still hanging on...
Geoto has finally got an approved constitution and we can finally begin an election process, it is now mid September 2014. It took quite a while to get it approved with Paxia as empty as it is but if we are lucky we may get a small boost in membership from an election. A few months we got a visit from WolfWorshipper, now known as 'Grimrow' and a few other members. It is largely thanks to them that the initial draft got completed, unfortunately it then took 3 months for another AK to look it over and confirm it complies with the new rules. Still it will be good to have some leadership in Geoto again.

I wonder if anyone actually reads this anymore...
It has been almost a year since my last update and little has changed, the PUC finished a game and started another last October, the game ended after Glacius surrendered to Aerodu after a tough resistance. In the next PUC game it has come down to a clash between Geoto and Aerodu, or what is left of them, we have a trophy recording the wins so thanks to Heroes of the Scape for that (this should have gone in last update really). What activity we had during my last update has mostly died down again, it was nice to have Grimrow around to talk to and work with but it is very inactive here, elections were a bust, mostly due to inactivity. The elections should have been set up much earlier. I think most Paxians would agree purging the clan councils and our constitutions right before an event was not a good idea in hindsight. There is a small official thread asking for title suggestions for the AQ clan shop but other than that the only active thread is the PUC.

Trivia my favourite bit, cos Iím a trivia freakazoid! Honestly who doesn't love random facts about useless stuff?

PoV is the oldest Clan head known so far.

Dollerboy2000 is the youngest Clan head known.

Wizeman305 was clan head for the longest time closely followed by Oliver bell whoís hot on his trails. I believe I have overtaken him now

If you add up all PoVís different times of being clan head then he is in fact the one who has been clan head for the longest.

All ex members of the council often were referred to as the Legends of Geoto.

Eatin Phoenix ranked number two for the most kills in a day in the paxia war statistics it was something like a 1000 kills (I know six armed alien or what?)

Dollerboy2000 and PoV were very similar as clan heads.

PoV had a fan base once, name is unrecorded though,

Due to some of the council members in Wizeís group being quite young some called them the Wizz kids

Council members are often idolised by newbieís and make them dream of wanting power...scary huh?

The Geoto council use to be called the GCC until it was banned by mods.

Bmicheald was sometimes called the spam terminator because well you get the idea.

Geoto use to be proud of it's writers including a man who inspired the release of the Paxia post but hehe Geoto did it first and this newspaper he did was pretty funny and awesome. Only problem is I forgot his name hopefully if he sees this he can tell me his name so I can put it here. Postnote- the only newspaper Wolfworshipper knows of it the one made by dollarboy2000, 'Geoto's Wrath'. But when I previously mentioned this to Leon Lionheart, see page 2 of this thread, he seemed to think 'Geoto Wrath' and dollarboy2000 came much later; we would be glad if anyone with any further information would post it. If it was dollarboy2000 though it goes some way to explaining his popularity among Geotian's at the time.

Lifeman9 is probably the unluckiest clan head to date.

Geoto once upon a time actually had a sub clan made in the clubs/clans section called the White lions...it's gone now but rumour has it the clan never died. It may also be theorized that members who dissapeared such as Bmicheald and Eatin Phoenix may have joined them.

Wizeman305 also keeps in touch with a load of ex geoto council members who were rumoured to have joined the White lions clan perhaps he is one as well? (If so I wanna know why I haven't been invited in yet)

neo_manni is the first Geotian to reach level 150, though Balu was not far behind.

neo_manni currently has 2 characters in Geoto which have reached level 150

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Terrigenus79 -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 3:09:20)

Wow leon i gotta hand it to you, this is absolutely fantastic. I greatly enjoyed reading this and learned a lot in the process. It great to see that everyone will now get a chance to learn the history of Geoto which is quite an eventful one.

xXJ0N0Xx -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 3:50:40)

WTH i dont remember any of this before my time eh? Bmichael deserves to be lamped after reading this

leon lionheart -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 4:08:40)

Thanks terri I just only hope that I got it a 100% accurate I'm pretty sure it's like 98% correct but there are some bits that got iffy. And yup Jono a lot of people didn't really like Bmicheald much but like most some people do like him some don't just a matter of opinion really.

Anyways I agree that it's a nice thought that anyone can go here and just get the download on what has happened to Geoto. Hopefully it'll be helpful to both present and future members of Geoto.

Oliver Bell -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 4:36:57)

Great work leon lionheart, except for the part calling me a robot. A great record of Geoto's history so far all you need is more info on the 1st era any news from Paladin of Valor.

leon lionheart -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 4:39:43)

Nope none unfourtunately and about the robot hehe I was kidding don't zap me (joke)

Oliver Bell -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 4:40:40)

Shame do you know anyone else you can contact who was around back then?


The Geoto council use to be called the GCC until it was banned by mods.
Strange we still call the council the GCC, for short.

leon lionheart -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 4:47:42)

Well I never knew how long Wizeman was the head of art council during PoV's leadership in the first era so I guess he might know something. It's funny now that I think about it I never even really questioned about what had happen before my time. Must of been something quite powerful though due to the fact I recall none of the clan members talking about the forum boards during the first clan war, all that I was told about the first clan war was that we lost.

I can ask Necromancer Verina who I think was around in the first era but she never really took an active part in the Geoto council so I doubt she'll even remember anything from then.

Tis a puzzle, but one that will be solved more info is always being discovered.

Oliver Bell -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 4:50:00)

Well, do what you can to talk to Wizeman305 and Necromancer Verina on this any new information will be invaluable.

leon lionheart -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 4:57:14)

Yeah I will and yeah GCC can still be used as slang but posting threads with an official GCC was banned. Much to the dismay of loads of Council members who use to do it to show that the certian thread was quality and a must see. Now it's only reserved for Ak's and mods to use.

Oliver Bell -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 5:01:23)

I guess the seal of approval was to replace the tag.

lifeman9 -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 20:19:50)

Lol you forgot abpout me being a power idiot! Who remembers that! Haha I was such an idiot,
Also you missed the flaming between Dollerboy and POV, But that isn't a good part. That was Totally disgusting period of Geoto's history and I wouldn't like for everyone to see it.

leon lionheart -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 20:25:45)

0_o I so did not know that Lifeman9 I'm interested now so tell me the details and about the power thing so I can add more bits. After all this isn't a 100% complete

lifeman9 -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 20:36:43)

Off Topic: Sure I'll spam it too you in a PM

On Topic: How long did this take you? It's very in depth. I like it.

leon lionheart -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 20:40:37)

About five hours but that wasn't all spent writing it cos halfway through my comp crashed and took ages to get back up to working. Just wondering should I ask an AK/mod to sticky this or...?

lifeman9 -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 20:45:04)

Yes, either that or get it FAQed

leon lionheart -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 21:09:04)

Ah okay I'll just go pm a mod then and ask for it to be stickied. Also update on the info more stuff featuring Lifeman9 Dollerboy and a smidge of Oliver Bell also a weird new peice of trivia I found out about from a mate, tis kinda weird makes me sort of wanna go find the darn thing.

Nightly -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 21:36:06)

Leon, just for saying that about the pet, I'm going to make that thread uber active. Ever time you check on it, and then refresh it, there will be 5 new posts. Believe it.

Oh, and why can't you put anything nice bout Aerodu? Or something about Nightly/BDR?

lifeman9 -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 21:41:09)

Heh Unluckiest is right. Trouble Trouble, I think the only reason I was actually vote in is because people knew my name :P I had a lot of thread in the Stickies, Ever last one of them was mine but I gave some to Oliver cause I got lazy XD

Forgot to tell you but I didn't come back straight away I stay Neutral then joined back up at a later date.

leon lionheart -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 21:43:43)

Okay and I don't know nicest bit about Aerodu that I can say is that I personally had fun being rivals with you lot but in politics and more specifically Geotian politics you were never going to be famous. But to be fair you guys were the glue that held Geoto together without you we wouldn't have anything to hate and throw our swords at so you did play a semi big part. I still wanna know who came up with the plan that Nautica used cos I really wanna bow down to him I have pride but I know when to bow down to a true master of tactical warfare.

@lifeman9 yeah truly bad luck just you know sometimes AE's doing wonders to help you sometimes they're not.

Nightly -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 21:46:14)

I'm sure I might know him :P

lifeman9 -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 21:47:44)

Did you know I tried to increase Relations with Nautica? Yup.. though it failed miserably due to the fact no one was on there forums haha, Geoto has a fairly good Relation with Igneus and Aerodu.. Glacius, for a bit before I screwed that up with Serb haha.

By the Way it's spel Bikinis :)

leon lionheart -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 21:53:32)

lol yeah tis true that Geoto has pretty much for the most part been a "we can take care of ourselves" attitude cos we're so cool [;)]

Anyways I was thinking since this mainly revolves around major political stuff and the council perhaps I should do a segment on Clan relations that we've had in the past and that.

Can I also point out how many times in the 2nd era of Geoto I said and many others "I'd sooner die then have Aerodu as an ally." You could say we blinded by vengeance or do what Wize does and call it "justice" lol.

Also Nightly you better not be kidding and if you say it's you supply the proof please but do it in a pm so no spam.

@lifeman9 about the biki typo

No I mean't bikis as in biscuits since when do you put on a bikini to read 0_o me thinks you may need to see someone about that Lifeman9 before it becomes a serious issue

Nightly -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 21:59:01)

Yea yea, I pmed Pie and Shodu so we're going to put our thinking caps on. Most likely it was Shodu because we had him do everything back then...

leon lionheart -> RE: History of Geoto (7/23/2008 22:06:22)

Oh so an Aerodian came up with the strategy huh wow that kinda makes me rethink since I mean comeon you didn't win and didn't even survive to reach second place, but I guess you guys self sacrificed yourselves to get Nautica kill us man seriously I thought Geoto hated Aerodu but you guys were quite hateful as well sheesh talk about drama.

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