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Monkee War! (Pirate vs. Ninja)

Location: Falconreach -> Click "Monkee War! Pirates v. Ninja" Button, Time Travel Fairies Time Tours -> Monkee War -> To War!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 1st, 2008 May 23rd, 2014

Objective: Defeat all the monkees!
Objective completed: You made it! Think you can take on another wave?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

Introduction / War Meter

Fight for the Ninjas!
Wave 1: (3) Pirate Monkee, (2) L.D. Monkee
Wave 2: (5) Pirate Monkee, (4) L.D. Monkee
Wave 3: (4) Pirate Monkee, (5) L.D. Monkee
Wave 4: (7) Pirate Monkee, (4) L.D. Monkee
Joke Wave: (1) Supermonkee! (Pirate)

Fight for the Pirates!
Wave 1: (3) Shadow Monkee, (2) Shogun Monkee
Wave 2: (5) Shadow Monkee, (4) Shogun Monkee
Wave 3: (4) Shadow Monkee, (5) Shogun Monkee
Wave 4: (7) Shadow Monkee, (4) Shogun Monkee
Joke Wave: (1) Supermonkee! (Ninja)


Time Travel Fairy Ticketstub
Defender's Medal
Blade of Fury (All Versions)
Fury's Edge (All Versions)
Ripper Staff (All Versions)


Other Information
1) You must fight as a Monkee when you enter this war. To fight for the Pirates, you become a Pirate Monkee, To fight for the Ninjas, you become a Ninja Monkee. Both classes are temporary and not trainable.
2) Once one war counter reached 50%, weapon drops were added to the waves.
3) The Pirate Monkees came out on top in this war, and allowed us access to the Boss Fight.
4) If you have not completed the chain quests (in order): Monkee Business, A Gift, Bad Bananas, and Water You Doing, then you cannot compete in the war.
5) Quest Objective is the same for both sides.

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