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[image]http://media.artix.com/encyc/df/tags/DA.png[/image][image]http://media.artix.com/encyc/df/tags/DC.png[/image]Ikea DC

Location: Dragesvard -> Right -> Ikea -> Under "Dragon Coins!" click Shop

Armor Closet
Bathtub (with duckie)
Black Leather Couch
Brown Leather Couch
Bust of Sek-Duat XV
Collectible Exotitan Figurine
Cysero Lure
Cysero's Fish Mug
Dancing Mushroom
Dark Winter Window
Dark-stained Vanity Dresser
Dragesvard Chair
Dragesvard Fireplace
Dragonslaying Lance
Dragummy Action Figure
Emergency Sushi
Fae Doll
Galanoth Ice Sculpture
Gargoyle Statue
Gold Koi Plaque
Golden Ghost Sword
Golden Knight Hammer
Golden Orchid Staff
Golden Paladin Axe
Golden Ranger Sword
Golden Warrior Sword
Golden Weaponsmith Staff
Guard Sneevil
Ice Dragon Pedestal
King Clown Fish
Kitchen Table with Her-O's
Lefthand NPC Plushie Etagere
Light versus Dark Figurines
Light Winter Window
Mage Panel
Miniature Bassault
Mogbusters Poster
Moglin Air Guitar Hero Poster
Mutant Pumpkin
Necromancer and Minion Figurine
Ninja and Pirate Action Figures
Nythera Poster
Open Window
Plushie Cabinet
Porcelein Sink
Prison Window
Rambear Poster
Raspberry Smoothie Rack
Reens' Cappucino Maker
Righthand NPC Plushie Etagere
Rogue Panel
Run Escape! Poster
Sam the Skeletal Anatomy Model
Signed Safiria Portrait
Soap on a Pedestal
Striped Fish Plaque
Sunless Sundial
Thanksgiving Feast
TogslayerX Poster
Togzilla Toy
Tropical Fish Plaque
Twilly Statue
Wall-mounted Slot Machine
Warrior Panel
Zhoom Plushie
Zorbak and Twilly Plushies
Zorbak Statuette

Ikea: Hi There! Welcome to my House Items shop. My name is Ikea!

Thanks to
-- wolfman_naruto for correction.
-- Andy8 for correction.
-- Stephen Nix.
-- Peachii for corrections.

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