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Location: Alamonia Town Hall -> Roy Silver -> Catch a Thief
Objective: Oh no! J6 escaped in his starship! His reflexes are amazing. You never stood a chance! Keep an eye out for this mysterious man in the future. He is a dangerous force indeed!
Requirements: Completion of Hover Train
Release Date: 8/6/08

  • VulKharim Warrior

  • Roy Silver
  • Joe Jingle
  • J6

    Roy Silver: Hello you! There have been some reports of a mysterious figure stealing from the train.
    Roy Silver: I wonder if this thief is behind the recent mine shortages. Please ride the train and see if you can catch him in the act...

    (Dialogs of the NPCs in the train will be randomly generated, saying rumors about you)

    Joe Jingle: Hey you! You're not supposed to be here! What are you doing?
    Character: Hey! Some guy just took that glowy rock from the engine!
    Joe Jingle: What? You took the Crystalized Dragon's Breath? Guards!
    Character: No wait! Not me... It was the guy with the glowing eyes!
    Joe Jingle: Suuuure it was, and where is he now? Did he just fly out the window?
    Character: No, he flew out that tube... Quick! We can still catch him!
    Joe jingle: Are you crazy? You'll get blown off the top! Here, use this gravity suit, it will prevent you from flying off the train.
    Joe Jingle: It also has a built in plasma welder, so let's set that to stun.

    Character: Its over, there's nowhere to hide, give back what you took!
    J6: You know, I like you, you've got a quick draw. Needs some practice, But you've got potential kid. Ok, lets make a deal.
    J6: If you can beat me in a duel its all yours.
    Character: What? I just beat you in six duels!
    J6: If I was trying to defeat you, you would have been disabled in the engine room. I was just testing your shooting skills.
    J6: So do you think you can beat me one last time?

    If you lose:
    J6: Good try kid, but still not fast enough.
    Character: Best two out of three?
    J6: No time. This is my stop. Good luck next time, kid.

    J6 jumps back off the train and into his starship, and it flies off

    Joe Jingle: Too bad, looks like he got away. I don't think this is the last we'll see of him though.
    Joe Jingle: By the way... I took some credits to repair the damage you took. Next time try not to get hit or waste so much ammo!

    Thanks to ArchMagus Olodalf for title correction!

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