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Ianthe -> Gong of the Wind! (8/16/2008 0:58:57)

Gong of the Wind!

Also see the lower-level version, Gong of the Wind.

Level: 65
Price: 3,500 1558
Sellback: 700 1,750 779
Location: Gong of the Wind Paxia: Nocturu, Igneus, and Aerodu Clan Shops

Element: Wind
Damage: 5-37
Training Difficulty: 15
BTH: +50

Rate at 0 CHA: 65.5%
Rate at 15 CHA: 72%
Rate at 71 CHA: 100%

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Wind
Damage: 100% Base, Random, and Stats
BtH: +0 plus Stats

The pet's damage is changed based on your current clan:
  • Aerodu: 175% Base and Random
  • Igneus: 150% Base and Random
  • Nocturu: 125% Base and Random
  • Dynami: 100% Base and Random
  • Nautica: 80% Base and Random
  • Lucian: 75% Base and Random
  • Geoto: 60% Base and Random
  • Glacius: 50% Base and Random
  • Anything else (no clan, etc): 50% Base and Random

    A mysterious mechanical gong. Attacks by sending a powerful wave of Wind. This was a clan event prize! Extra damage when used by the winning clans: Aerodu, Igneus, and Nocturu. Less than normal damage when used by all other clans.


    Originally posted by Nixtrix (thanks to Ultimate Supremacy). Information thanks to Zhoaer. Attack rate and special from Chii and Khold respectively (via thebartyone). BtH from Radagast. Image from Xalric. Correction from ShiittakeWarrior.

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