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fiery wolf -> Advanced Nova Wolf (8/16/2008 10:31:49)


Advanced Nova Wolf

Name of Mecha in Series: Advanced Nova Wolf, Advanced Nova Wolf V2, Advanced Nova Wolf V3, Advanced Nova Wolf V4, Advanced Nova Wolf V5

Level: 25
Price: 1,625 Nova Gems / Nova Wolf v3.9 + Level 25 House NG Upgrade Kit
Sellback: 1,463 NGs before 24 hours, 407 NGs after 24 hours

Location: House Wolfblade NG Mecha, House Wolfblade Mecha Upgrades

HP: 440
EP: 315
EP Regen: 14

  • 80 Immobility
  • 5 Defense
  • 5 Crit

    Description: Advanced Wolfblade model with increased armor and damage output. STAR CAPTAIN BONUS: Has a unique Berserker ability that is only accessible by Star Captains.
    Image: Advanced Nova Wolf

  • #13 -> RE: Advanced Nova Wolf (6/8/2011 23:57:18)

    Ultra Turret

    Equip Slot: Front Arm
    Damage type: Ballistic
    Damage: 56-60
    Hits: 1
    Energy: 38
    Cooldown: 2
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effects: "Massive Annihilation" - Costs double energy (84) to do 250% damage.

    Description: A huge turret that can deal incredible amounts of damage.
    Image: Ultra Turret , Attacking

    Thanks to fiery wolf for info!

    Pulsar Cannon

    Equip Slot: Back Arm
    Damage type: Laser
    Damage: 56-60
    Hits: 4
    Energy: 38
    Cooldown: 4
    Bonuses: None
    Special Effects:
  • Chance for "Blast Overcharge!", Increases chance for a Critical for all hits.

    Description: A pulse energy weapon that has an increased critical damage output.
    Image: Pulsar Cannon , Attacking

    Thanks to fiery wolf and Twilight Sky 023 for info; Azami for re-formatting!

  • #13 -> RE: Advanced Nova Wolf (6/8/2011 23:59:16)

    Nova Rocket

    Equip Slot: Front Shoulder , Back Shoulder
    Damage type: Explosive
    Damage: 54-62
    Hits: 1
    Energy: 38
    Cooldown: 3
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effects: "Piercing Shell Armor Damaged" -50 Defense to enemy throughout the battle.

    Description: A rocket shell weapon that may permanantly damage your opponent's weapons or armor.
    Image: Nova Rocket

    Thanks to fiery wolf for info and Glint for correction!

    #13 -> RE: Advanced Nova Wolf (6/9/2011 0:02:06)

    Encompassing Fury

    Equip Slot: Head
    Damage type: Explosive
    Damage: 46-70
    Hits: 1
    Energy: 38
    Cooldown: 8
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effects:
  • SC: 100% Chance for "Berserk! Star Captain Power Activated", +10 Boost and -6 Bonus stack per round for 5 rounds.
  • Non-SC: 100% Chance for +18 Boost and -30 Bonus for 3 rounds.

    Description: Fury that overcomes you and causes your damage to increase and accuracy to decrease. Star Captains will go into a Berserker Rage when using this ability.
    Image: Encompassing Fury , Attacking

    Thanks to fiery wolf and hauntar for info!


    Equip Slot: Body
    Damage type: Ballistic
    Damage: 48-68
    Hits: 2
    Energy: 38
    Cooldown: 4
    Bonuses: Defense +5, Crit +5.
    Special Effects: Chance to stun opponent for 2 turns, on a successful second hit.

    Description: Bludgeon your enemies with huge and extremely heavy objects!
    Attacking Images:
    Attack 1
    Attack 2
    Attack 3
    Attack 4
    Attack 5
    Attack 6
    Attack 7

    Thanks to fiery wolf and hauntar for info; Azami for reformatting!

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