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Morphed Dragonblade

Also see: Altered Dragonblade, Evolved Dragonblade, Deformed Dragonblade, Distorted Dragonblade and Mutant Dragonblade

Location: Dragon War on Granemor! / New Granemor: Soraya's Pearapplos Shop
Level: 27
Price: 2,172 85
Sellback: 1,086 42

Element: Earth
Type: Melee
Damage: 6-17 8-23
BTH: 5%


  • On Monster Category "Dragon", the Blade deals 115% Base, Random, and Stats damage.
  • On Monster Category "Dragonkind" (which includes categories "Drakel", "Velociraider", and "Lizard"), the Blade deals 107.5% Base, Random, and Stats damage. If the monster is also of Monster Category "Dragon", this is not applied.
  • On Monster Category "Dragon" or "Dragonkind", the Dragonblade's Element is the same as the monster's Base Element.

    When a monster of Monster Category "Dragon" or "Dragonkind" is hit by the Blade:
    • The monster makes a Save Roll. It gets a bonus equal to [ItsLevel/10] + [ItsEnd/5] + [ItsLUK/20]. It must roll higher than 62 + [YourLUK/20], plus 10 if the monster is Category "Dragon". If it succeeds, nothing happens.*
    • If the monster fails the Save, it becomes Mutated**. The monster's Element Modifiers are exchanged:
      ***Fire <-> Ice
      ***Water <-> Energy
      ***Wind <-> Earth
      ***Light <-> Darkness
    • Frozen monsters*** and monsters immune to Scrambling/Randomising**** are immune to this effect.

      *Your foe has resisted the mutating effects of the tainted dragonsbane!
      **The tainted dragonsbane has mutated your draconic foe!
      ***Your foe's frozen flesh forbids fluctuation!
      ****Your foe is immune to mutation!
    The metal and even dragonbane poison in this dragonblade has been mutated by forces within the No Man's Land. Mulb the Dwelf of Granemor took what remained and forged it back into a usable weapon. Its powers have been mutated as well...


    Thanks to Knightstar2001, algimantas2, phoenixfire555, My Pain, ssjgoku5 and Void Dirger. Image from ZzlzhtT. Effect from Aelthai. Correction from thehate, Tamalane, and Ash the Phantom. Rarity from phazon805. Non-Rarity from siddiqui2007.

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