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Resistances: None
Enemy Type: Non-Equippable
Default Special Abilities: None

Attack 1
Fires three shots from gun for 3 hits of damage. Chance for "Fuel Leak!", HP DoT for 3 turns.
Attack Image: Attacking 1!

Attack 2
Twirls laso, calling stampede for 4 hits of damage. Chance for "Energy Strike", transfers your EP to own EP.
Attack Image: Attacking 2!

Attack 3
Launches bombs for 2 hits. Chance for "Weapons Damaged".
Attack Image: Attacking 3!

Attack 4
Hot breath for 5 hits.
Attack Image: Attacking 4!

Attack 5
Jumps from above for 1 hit of damage. Chance for "Fire Ignites!", HP DoT for 5 turns.
Attack Image: Attacking 4!

Image: Firemane

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