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Ultrapowerpie -> The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/12/2008 23:43:48)

I gazed upon Paxia today, and noticed that without an event, we are essentially dead. In fact, this is probably one of the worst "ebb" times Paxia's ever experienced. So, I think it's time we changed all that with a clan wide project!

As you probably know, Paxia has a very long and colorful history. Currently though, only two clans actually posses records of said history, Aerodu and Geoto, and both focus only on their clans, and do not even bother going with all the fun stuff that happened in-between the clans and whatnot. So, I was thinking, why not compile the ultimate history thread? We can get the forum histories (coupled with what happened in-game) of every single clan, and have it in one massively huge thread. That way when the new member comes by and wonders "what have I missed?", we can just point them to this great massive compilation!

We're going to need every single forumite to help us here! Any bit of history, from the founding of our great island, to the present, will be needed! I shall be Grand Master Scythe Lord for this project (which means overseer/organizer/contributing what I think I can remember here and there), but it is the Paxian people who will do the real contributing. I'll get this thread all gussied up later, but think of the excitement, the reliving of the glory days. Who can forget the endless flaming between Aerodu and Geoto? The great Unity vs Division debates? Yes, we'll take the good and the bad, to show Paxia like it really is: wild, crazy, but fun.

So, our current "sources" for Paxian history are the Aerodu Pedia and the History of Geoto.

The first thing we want to do is decide if we want individiual names in here, like Geoto does, or if we want more general terms, like Aerodu's. I am more for trying to avoid using names, but that's up to y'all.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind, while it's ok to remember stuff that involves the older days when rules were much less strict, such as the infamous 67-ish page ACC thread, let's avoid the mentioning the anything that ended up with people getting banned. Not only are those not wild, crazy and fun, but they're also against the rules to talk about them anyways.

Viking_Jorun -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/12/2008 23:50:15)

I like the fact of more general names. Also, I like the idea. If we get more into this, i'll be sure to help out! ;D

Enzeru -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/13/2008 2:02:14)

i will start compling info. Maybe we should have a representative from each clan to collect info from each clan?

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/13/2008 9:21:57)

Hmmmm, it might be better if one person from each clan does the compiling, yes, that way we don't have conflicting info and whatnot.

We also need to vote on a format to how the info will be displayed. Do we go chronologically completely, or do we just go by eras, then provide the history of the clan for that era.

EX for first option:

The First Clan War

Incident 1- Clan Name- Date (If possible)

Incident 2- Clan Name- Date


EX for the sectond option:

The First Clan War





Enzeru -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/13/2008 10:56:40)

i vote we go by chronologically.

Hyrdocannon47 -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/13/2008 11:46:53)

Nautica DID have a history thread... I think it got purged along with every other thread we had... :-(.

I'll help with what I can when the project starts.

Here is a small bit from our FAQ that birdy made:

1--) Nautica ---Water

Nautica was among The Original Clans -Aerodu, Geoto and Nautica- and the smallest of the three. Nautica have gained a reputation of being peaceful and to be a place for mages and enlightened people.
As the very first clan, Nautica had no form of governmental body –and therefore may seem to be a bit more unorganised compared to other clans- and is ruled by the majority of the people. Nautica is and was a place of art poem and intelligent debate -which can be noted by the Canu’r Delyn-
In the First War Nautica stayed passive and took no side in the conflict between Aerodu and Geoto, but when the Second War started Nautica launched attacks against Geoto –with the help from Aerodu- in an attempt to stop Jaques –or the Fisherman- from gaining power from Geoto itself. Nautica was the “victor” of that war –though in war no one is victorious-.

2--) The Seven Clans

Aerodu was the first one to found a CC -Council Coalition- and more or less founded the idea of government, and quickly grew larger and developed a culture of its own.
In the First Clan War Aerodu fought against Geoto in a bitter conflict of strength, Aerodu won and a mutual dislike emerged between the two clans. In the Second War, Aerodu was the first clan to be eliminated –by the continued invasion of Geoto-.
But now Aerodu and Geoto is in a state of friendly competition

Dynami is the smallest clan with small 77.000 members. It adopted the Nautican way of letting the majority control the actions of the clan. Dynami is one of the 5 Later Clans –the 5 Clans that came after the Three Months War (The Second Clan War).

Geoto was the largest clan during the early days of Paxia. The main reason of why Geoto lost the First war was because of it’s numerous members that was inactive –making them deadweight-, the other reason is that the GCC –Geoto Council Coalition- had no real status among the members of the clan and was quite unorganised. Geoto was able to beat Aerodu during the Second War because of it strengthened its dicipline and made well coordinated attacks against the Aerodu HQ.
Even though Aerodu and Geoto had their misunderstandings they are now rivals in a chivalric way.

Glacius is one of the 5 Late clans and is ruled by the GHC –Glacius High Council-. Many Nautica members left their clan to join Glacius –considered to be “sister” clan by some members-.

Igneus is by far the largest of the clans with its +390.000 clan members -almost 100.000 more than the second largest clan-. Igneus is ruled by the ICC –Igneus Clan Council- and is more relaxed than most other clans. Igneus is mostly known for its damn good looking clan leader –ingame- the fire fox, quite popular among many newbie members in Paxia.

Lucian is the third largest clan but is also one of the most inactive clans both in the Lucian board and in their own forum. Noticeable is that the Lucian leader –ingame- express that all clan heads –ingame- had agreed on Unity.

Nocturu is a clan that focuses on their military strength and their own culture more than any other clan. Was once the second largest clan but have since been surpassed by Aerodu and therefore Nocturu is #3 at the moment. The governmental body of Nocturu is the NHC –Nocturu High Council-.

3--) The Unity

Here is the official description:
"Clan Unity- A movement consisting of members from all clans to unite against the coming of Devourer, who wants to destroy all of Lore. It is also a movement to help support a more friendly atmosphere when we are competing. It is not a giant peace/alliance ploy to stop all fighting in Paxia. You do not need to be 'friends' with anyone for it, as long as you try to maintain a positive atmosphere with all clans. Example: Aerodu and Geoto have a friendly rivalry towards each other, ever since the start of the Second Clan war. Friendly competition is encouraged between all clans, as long as there is nothing personal."

4--) The Disgruntiles

The describtion on the first page is:
"This is merely a way to make a liston who does not agree with Unity." This quotation might not be the full explanation of what The Disgruntiles are, since it’s only a small part of the text so if you’re not satisfied then you should look at the actual thread on the Paxia board.

5--) Devourer Saga

The Devourer Saga is a story that that will influence all of Lore and Paxia highly. It is believed by many that the only mean to survive the Devourer –or The’Galin as it is his other name-, since the Devourer is a god and can’t be killed.
Here is a good source of getting information on what it is at large:

Viking_Jorun -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/13/2008 13:10:38)

Chronolgically would really help with organization. I vote for that...

Pink_Star -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/13/2008 22:06:38)

Argh. The Unity thread which was passed down to me from Serbitar was purged... Anyway, thanks to Hydro Cannon for providing that detailed post.

Joshuatks -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/14/2008 5:31:19)


Lucian is the third largest clan but is also one of the most inactive clans both in the Lucian board and in their own forum. Noticeable is that the Lucian leader –ingame- express that all clan heads –ingame- had agreed on Unity.

I don't agree with that, we are active in our private forum, but quite inactive in Lucian board.

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/14/2008 8:17:08)

That was made like, a heck of a long time ago Josh. And seriously, would it kill y'all to drop by the AE forums once in a while to say hello? :P

Nightly -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/14/2008 8:19:20)

I tried getting them in the rp but they didn't want to....

Which reminds me, Pie get your butt over there. You've got a host of people waiting for a post.

Enzeru -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/14/2008 10:54:22)


That was made like, a heck of a long time ago Josh. And seriously, would it kill y'all to drop by the AE forums once in a while to say hello? :P

the lucian section is more active then the Nautica section or Glacius.

xXxChriscorexXx -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/14/2008 11:37:34)

I say Chronology,
and we really need help with this a vast majority of veterans are rarely active anymore,
We need dates but how to find these dates is near impossable,
Lets consult the encyclopedia!

Hyrdocannon47 -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/14/2008 16:38:24)

Like I said, that is outdated, and needs some fixing, but it gives a good foundation to build on as most of teh stuff is purged...

Enzeru -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/14/2008 19:29:13)

Ultrapowerpie you should make a poll in the polls section to see what people think.

Joshuatks -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/15/2008 6:57:01)


That was made like, a heck of a long time ago Josh. And seriously, would it kill y'all to drop by the AE forums once in a while to say hello? :P

I know, just that I don't think we were 'one of the most inactive clans' and we do post here daily, just not much(its more fun in the pf :P )

kandymine -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/15/2008 15:46:39)

I would say the Lucian activity on this forum is moderate and is much higher on the pf.
If this helps, below is an article from our clan newsletter about the Aerodu vs Glacius Art Challenge of a year ago.


Aerodu - Glacius Art Challenge

Paxia Art Challenge
By Ronin Shinobi

In recent events, Paxia has changed from being a place to plot and strategize to destroy other clans. To one of Olympic style competition. Yet the days of war are far from over. Rumors of another Paxia war is on the horizon. Yet, despite the threat of war looming over every clan's head, this has not destroyed the sprit of friendly competition between the various clans.

Glacius and Aerodu decided to have a competition that didn't utilize a sword but an art brush instead. An art contest on who's clan has the best artist. Many applicants submitted drawing and I was honored to be selected as a judge for this competition. Rules were simple. Create a creature that represented both ice and air elements.

Though the judges were choosen at a rapid pace, how to judge the art fairly was proven more difficult to determine. It was decided that each art piece be judged by these four criteria. Overall Impression, Innovation, Artistic, Quality, and Appropriateness.

Being that there were 32 pieces, many from the same artist, it took hours, sometimes days for each piece to be looked at and judged fairly. Some looked at quality while, other judges looked at style and even what the piece represented, regardless of drawing's quality. Though there were some that the quality could not be ignored.

At the end ShadowWrath of Aerodu won with his rendition of The Mighty Glare. Congratulation to ShadowWrath and to the Aerudo clan for winning the first clan verses clan Paxia art contest. The prize has yet to be determined, but will no doubt be worthy of the winning piece.

If anyone wishes to see the winning art and all others from the contest go to and click on the desired links.

I hope to see more contests like this soon, it proves that clans do not have to pit against each other in a all out battle for supremacy. Honor can be won for one's clan by just a simple brush stroke.


Ultrapowerpie -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/16/2008 20:33:19)

Meh, it's a start. I can just make a poll here in Paxia... oh well, I guess I'll do it now, might help generate some activity, give me a sec here...

ShadowScypher -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/16/2008 22:21:54)

Too bad I can't remeber much about Paxia's history (which is sad).

sacchi -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/17/2008 16:08:49)

I'm really bad with dates, but I remember some stuff.

The First Clan War: Uh...can't remember much about it exactly. Well, it was the first time we had some real activity in Paxia, and it's a shame to remember, the forums were flooded with flammers and spammers, specially from Geoto and Aerodu. I remember noticing how you could cheat the war by creating new characters and putting them in other clans, and I was going to report that when I found out that people had already started to cheat, and that 5 members were posting trying to persuade them. Captain stopped the system somehow and he gave those 5 people 1 million gold to each other. I was sad lol.

During the first days, all Paxia was about was war, flamming, spamming, and unfair competition made by new members and some old members of the forums. The AKs, not enough, couldn't control the situation really, I can't remember whether they "locked" the boards or not so nobody could post, but well, they banned everyone who spammed and soon were capable of handling the situation.

I also remember the big box of destruction Captain left in Paxia. Two codes, one code found in the game, another one outside. The outside code was the nuclear missile code from the movie WarGames (see? I did some research and found the name of the movie. I saw it, pretty good really.) One Nautican found the code and set the bomb to make boom on Geoto.

Also, in the second war Aerodu couldn't possibly win, so they allied forces with Nautica, so the latter would win and prevent Geoto from winning.

Well, I can't really remember a lot of things in general, if you ask me about something specifically I might remember.

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/17/2008 23:19:56)

Dates are really really really bad. Yeah, I can't say I remember too many big details about the First Clan War. I do remember the Interventions and whatnot, but it's the Second Clan War I remember rather well. I DO remember Paxian Politics rather well, though Geoto's history I am a tad fuzzy on as I payed more attention to Aerodu, but fortunately they did go rather detailed with theirs that we can derive what we need from it if we go general history.

Yes, one thing I do tend to make clear in this project is the origin of the Clan Councils (and Direct Democracy in Nautica), and what role these politics played during the forums. I'm not 100% accurate (and what 1 source from history is?), but hey, it'll be good. But first, we wait for the poll. >.>

Oliver Bell -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/18/2008 11:36:38)

Good idea Ultrapowerpie. though I have one request and that is that when the thread has all the information you will add the following.

If you are interested on the history of your clan alone it is advised you check your clans history thread.

sacchi -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/18/2008 16:49:55)

I remember perfectly the creation of the ICC. I started it, I was really excited, how wouldn't I remember it? I can even give names lol..

Oliver Bell -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/27/2008 14:37:48)

Well the results of the poll seem quite concluesive as to what is wanted.

Baker -> RE: The Ultimate Paxia History Thread! (9/30/2008 22:18:28)

Cool idea. I'll help out here and there where I can. I also like the idea of being more general, if for no other reason than I doubt we'll be able to track down all the different names from all the different clans. :P

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