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95wave -> Quickflash (9/19/2008 19:19:28)


Resistances: None
Enemy Type: Non-Equippable
Default Special Abilities: None

Attack 1
Leans forward, jet engine starts to rev up, then boosts forward and slams into opponent, going past, returns upside down and punches you, followed by an explosion (2 hits)
  • "Confusion", -40 Bonus for 4 turns
    Attack Image: Attacking!

    Attack 2
    Bends down on its knees, then raises its arms and fires two blue beams from each arm (2 hits)
    Attack Image: Attacking!

    Image: Quickflash

    *Thanks to Mecha Knight for attack description, andy123 for attack 1 special, Thiefboy109 for images!*

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