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Vartai Secrets!

Location: Travel Map Dragonspine 8: Vartai Secrets!

Also see: Galanoth's Fate

Medrovia, ancestral home of Lord Cyrus and the Dracomancers...
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    <<Scene: Medrovia>>

    Lord Cyrus and Sheila enter

    Sheila: Brother, scouts have reported an unusual group of humans making their way toward the city.
    Lord Cyrus: All the humans from the south are unusual. What makes these so special?
    Sheila: They claim two of them are Dragonslayers. One matches Galanoth's description, and they're headed for the Elite Guard barracks just outside the city.
    Lord Cyrus: ... The Elite Guard barracks? We're in no danger, then. Tell the sentries to avoid a fight for now.

    Scene zooms in to Sheila

    Sheila: You're going to just LET them walk right into the training grounds for our best soldiers and possibly find out military secrets?

    Scene shifts to Lord Cyrus

    Lord Cyrus: Sheila, do you know why I had that barracks built almost half a mile from the city proper? ... Trust me, there's a very good reason--

    Scene zooms out

    Lord Cyrus: --and that is exactly why I don't care if Galanoth tried to storm the place. The slayers are no threat.
    Sheila: You'd let Galanoth and your own soldiers kill each other with no interference?
    Lord Cyrus: Yes, sister, if that's what it takes to open Galanoth's eyes to what he's doing.
    Sheila: I hope you know just what you're getting into here...
    <<Scene: Near Medrovia, with Galanoth and another Dragonslayer>>

    Dragonslayer: Are you sure you should be doing this yourself, Sir?
    Galanoth: What choice do I have, Ryllik? We have to know what kind of army they're preparing to unleash on us, and if we can get rid of whoever's leading it.
    <<You>>: There's no way all three of us can get through safely. We'll have to split up.
    Ryllik: Right. You go with Galanoth. If he's spotted in this city, things will get dicey, and he'll need some help getting out in one piece.
    Ryllik: I will recon to the northeast and meet you back here at sunset. Good luck to you!

    <<Scene: Outside the barracks of Medrovia>>

    <<You>>: It's a barracks! From the looks of it, there are probably a few hundred Vartai soldiers down there.
    Galanoth: Then we have nothing to worry about. Let's do our best to sneak around, though-- We'll learn more by that method than by knocking heads together.
  • Go!

    <<Scene: Within the barracks>>

    Galanoth and you enter

    <<You>>: Isn't it a little strange that this barracks is so far away from the actual city? It's out in the middle of nowhere, really... like Cyrus wanted to keep something AWAY --

    A group of Vartai enter

    Galanoth: We've been spotted! Get them before they can warn the others!

    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Hunter
    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Blade Master
    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Hunter
    Optional Full Heal after the 3rd battle

    <<You>>: Quick, get through that door before someone else spots us!
  • Go!

    <<Scene: Inside a wooden cottage>>

    Galanoth: We're in. Though I fail to see how we are far better off...
    <<You>>: Well, we might be able to find out just what it is Cyrus is trying to HIDE here, you know.
    Galanoth: Ahh.. quite a nice view. Maybe this barracks was placed here simply because the commanding officer liked the scenery.
    <<You>>: Let's see what is behind those oversized doors....
  • Go in!

    <<Scene: Room with Vartai>>

    Galanoth: ..................

    All the Vartai face you and Galanoth

    Galanoth: Very good choice, my friend.
    Guard: Dragonslayers all the way out here? Did the Captain get us new training victims?
    Guard: No, the only 'slayer that big and ugly is...Galanoth! GET HIM!
    <<You>>: We're only outnumbered a LITTLE bit, Galanoth....
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Blade Master
    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Hunter
    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Blade Master
    Optional Full Heal after the 3rd battle

    ???: What's with all the commotion out here? I don't need you wrecking the place with your training, whelps.

    A huge Vartai enters

    Galanoth: ...I might need a bigger weapon for this one.
    <<You>>: H..H-Huge Vartai...Not good...
    Xerxes: The name is Xerxes, human. Warlord of the Medrovian army, and...
    Galanoth: I don't need a life story before I slay you! Fire Dragon, come forth!

    A fire dragon appears and breathes fire onto Xerxes. Xerxes moves a little, then the fire dragon disappears.

    Xerxes: Not a bad opener, tin can. That actually hurt a little.
    <<You>>: ................
    Galanoth: .....................
    <<You>>: He's...still standing? How strong IS this guy?
    Galanoth: I think we should make a quick tactical retreat... I'm going to need some time to come up with a plan to take care of him.
    <<You>>: Hurry! Back out the door we came in!!
  • Escape!

    <<Scene: Back outside, with a Vartai Archer present>>

    Galanoth: It would appear our retreat is going to be... complicated...
  • Battle!

    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Hunter
    Optional Full Heal

    <<You>>: Let's run down that hallway and find the back door!!

    <<Scene: Hallway>>

    Galanoth: Ah, good choice, friend. More draconic goodness to smash!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Void Dragon
    Optional Full Heal

    <<You>>: They must have kept some of the Void Dragons to breed them for their army! We have to get out of here. Let's turn left--

    <<Scene: Dead end>>

    Xerxes enters

    Galanoth: I just LOVE dead ends!
    Xerxes: Why do you keep running, Galanoth? You're supposed to be the best the Dragonslayers have to offer!
    <<You>>: Don't do it, Galanoth! I'll hold him off. You get out of here!
    Xerxes: Don't try to waste my time, human. You're not worth the effort of swinging my axe even once. Galanoth is the one who I'll destroy today!
    Galanoth: Allow me to INDULGE you--

    Galanoth engages in battle with Xerxes. Xerxes power is so overwhelming that he flings Galanoth out of the house, causing a hole. Outside, Galanoth gets back up from his knees and throws a dagger at Xerxes. Xerxes uses his axe and strikes the ground. A blast hits Galanoth, sending him flying off the hill, away from the barracks.

    <<You>>: GALANOTH!!!!
    Xerxes: A battle worthy of a Vartai. You had your brother's spirit and honor, human.
    <<You>>: N-- no way... Galanoth...
    Xerxes: Get out of my sight. You wouldn't be any fun to battle at all.
    <<You>>: Is that all that fight was to you? Are you that heartless?!
    Xerxes: Stupid human... True warriors live and die in battle. There's no other way!

  • FIGHT XERXES! (Lose 5 Gray Matter Points)
      <<You>>: Then prepare to die by this!
    • Fight!
      1 BATTLE

      If you were defeated...

      Xerxes: You were more of a threat than I expected. Still, I can't believe Cyrus lost to you once before.
      <<You>>: Nngh... Too strong...
      Xerxes: You're still alive? I guess you ARE tougher than you look. Drag your beaten hide out of my barracks, and come back when you know how to fight.
      <<You>>: I-- I'll be back....
      Xerxes: Whatever you say, Terminator.
      Xerxes: I have plans to make. With Galanoth out of the way, the Dragonslayers should fall easily.

      Xerxes turns away from facing you

      Xerxes: Now go lick your wounds!
    • Continued!

      If you defeated Xerxes...

      Xerxes: ...Heh. You're stronger than you look, human. This has actually been kind of fun.

      The rest of the dialogue is the same as when you avoid the fight.

  • Try to avoid the fight! (Gain 5 Niceness Points)
      <<You>>: Humans aren't the weaklings you think they are, especially when you kill their friends!
      Xerxes: Perhaps, but if you're smart, you'll back off now and call this battle a draw.
      <<You>>: Never! I'm not stopping as long as I can still move!
      Xerxes: *smiles* That's the spirit, human. Now, let's see if you're still moving after this!

      Xerxes slashes you and then strikes you downwards. The impact is so large that you fall through a hole.

      Xerxes: Those humans took a lot out of me... Perhaps we can fight again when I take care of this little Dragonslayer problem once and for all...

      Xerxes leaves

      <<You>>: ...uuuuhhhhhhhhhh........

    Xerxes One

  • Smoldering DrakeTongue
  • Flaming DrakeTongue
  • Fiery DrakeTongue
  • BlaZing DrakeTongue
  • Incendiary DrakeTongue
  • Conflagrant DrakeTongue

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    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Part of the dialog courtesy of Genoclysm.

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