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The Founder's Gauntlet

Other names: Founder's Challenge

Location: Falconreach -> Down -> Left -> Xan
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: October 3rd, 2008

Objective: Xan has shown up in Falconreach.... and he's asking for your help?
Objective completed: Xan's magma golem has been defeated, but it looks like the defeat had the opposite effect... he's now more motivated than ever to consume the world in flames. Just goes to show you... you can never trust an insane pyromancer.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 500
Gold rewarded: 175

(1) Magman - Boss


Brother's Blood
Shattered Bones
The Obelisk

Xan: <Character>! It's good to see you again. I have something to... discuss with you.
Xan: It's something of a test. if you have any interest then meet me here at sunset.
Xan: See you then...

<Character>: XAN! What is it going to take to finish you off once and for all?!
Xan: Take it easy, <Character>. I'm not here to destroy you or Falconreach.
<Character>: ... Or Warlic?
Xan: DO NOT SPEAK THAT WRETCH'S NAME IN MY... *sigh* Who am I kidding? I don't even care.
<Character>: Xan... this is really unlike you. I never thought that the fires of madness and hatred in your heart would go out.
<Character>: I really consider you one of the most evil and insane threats to life on the face of Lore.
Xan: Thanks. That's nice of you to say.
Xan: I don't know. I thought I was just in a funk... Now, I'm not so sure. I think I may just lost the knack.
Xan: Hero, I need your help. I have created one last fire monster. It's possibly the most dangerous beast that I have ever made.
Xan: I call him the Magman.
Xan: If you can defeat it... then that's it. I'm hanging up my hatred.
Xan: Maybe I'll get into scrapbooking. I was thinking about volunteering during winter to keep Serenity's Inn warm.
<Character>: Let me get this right. If I defeat your last monster... than you will call it quits? You will give up on being a villain?
Xan: That's right, what do you say?
<Character>: I say... it's good to know that you're still out of you mind.
<Character>: But how can I pass up a deal like this?
<Character>: Alright Xan, show me what your new monster can do!

You fight Magman

Xan: You... defeated my magma golem?
<Character>: Yup. That's right. But really, what were you expecting?
Xan: I can't... believe that you beat him. I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT YOU BEAT HIM!!!!
<Character>: Xan? Are you Ok?
<Character>: Um... what about giving up? What about turning over a new leaf? What about scrapbooking?
Xan: Scrapbooking? ARE YOU CRAZY!?!??! AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH! *cackle cackle*
Xan: I have to thank you, <Character>! You've really lit a FIRE under me.
Xan: You've inspired me again! You have rekindled the flames of my burning hatred!
Xan: XAN IS BACK, BABY... and it's all thanks to you!
<Character>: *Rolls eyes* Great, glad I could help.

Thanks to
-- Niki for rewards and corrections.
-- miggymalayao and The 13th for the rewards.
-- shadow dragon666 for xp and gold rewards correction.
-- Krazy_Kakadu for dialogue corrections.
-- ILmaster13 for the banner.
-- Jeff Jarrett for the rare tag.
-- Varen6398 for correction.

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