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Galanoth's Fate

Location: Travel Map Dragonspine 9: Galanoth's Fate!

Also see: Vartai Secrets!

After traveling to Medrovia, home of the part-dragon Vartai, you discovered that the Vartai have been building up their military. You encounter a huge Vartai warrior named Xerxes, who throws Galanoth from a cliff! You narrowly survive a battle with Xerxes yourself, and just manage to bring the news back to Battleon...
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    <<Scene: Battleon>>

    Zero Hex and you enter

    Zero Hex: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me on such short notice. We have a dire situation regarding the Dragonslayers that must be handled.
    <<You>>: I know, Hex. Galanoth is dead. I watched it happen. It feels kind of like we've gone through this before, though...
    Zero Hex: Nevermind that. Now that Galanoth's dead, Ryllik has taken over as commander, and he's blinded by revenge.
    <<You>>: You don't mean--
    Zero Hex: Yes. He's going to attack Xerxes and the Medrovian Elite Guard. We have to stop him before he gets the Dragonslayers killed!
    <<You>>: Do you think we can reason with him? He seems like he doesn't listen to many people.
    Zero Hex: We have to try. Let's get to Dragonstone, and quickly!
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    <<Scene: Dragonstone>>

    Two Dragonslayers enter

    <<You>>: Hex...They don't look too happy to see us.
    Dragonslayer: It's Hex the Betrayer! You know our orders. Kill him on sight!
    <<You>>: Correction. They AREN'T too happy to see us.
    Zero Hex: Nothing for it then. The only way to Ryllik is through them!

    You obtain Zero Hex as a guest

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal

    Zero Hex: Quite a pity, that. Okay, we must go farther into Dragonstone!
    <<You>>: Right. Follow me!
  • Go!

    <<Scene: Farther into Dragonstone>>

    Ryllik along with 2 Dragonslayers enter

    Ryllik: You have a lot of nerve showing your face here, traitor.
    Zero Hex: Desperate times, Ryllik. We need you to stop this.
    Ryllik: Have you gone mad? Xerxes must pay for what he did to Galanoth!
    <<You>>: And you don't stand a chance. He was able to defeat both of us with ease! That's the whole reason Galanoth's dead!
    Ryllik: He's dead because you were too useless to stop Xerxes. Useless people have no place in this world!
    Ryllik: Get them!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal

    Ryllik: I don't have time for this. I'll deal with you two later.

    Ryllik exits

    Zero Hex: ...He took that rather well, all things considered.
    <<You>>: Yeah, it went over like a banshee concert. What's your next idea?
    Zero Hex: There's only one other way. We have to go to Lord Cyrus and convince him to stop Xerxes before this starts another war.
    <<You>>: You really ARE crazy, Hex.
    Zero Hex: Do you have a better idea?
    <<You>>: Unfortunately, no. Let's do this!
  • Go!
    <<Scene: Medrovia, with a few Vartai>>

    Vartai Guard: You have no business here, Dragonslayer! Begone!
    <<You>>: We need to speak with Lord Cyrus immediately! Let us in!
    Vartai Guard: The only way in is through us. You can try, but it's your funeral.
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Hunter
    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Blade Master
    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Hunter
    Optional Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Blade Master
    Optional Full Heal

    Zero Hex: Nice performance, friend.
    <<You>>: I've had lots of practice.

    Xerxes enters

    Xerxes: You again...Did you want a rematch so soon?
    <<You>>: As much as I'd love to, no. We're here to speak with Lord Cyrus, and to stop all this fighting from happening.
    Xerxes: STOP all the fighting? I don't know what he sees in you, but I'm not letting you ruin perfectly good brutality. Any last words?
    <<You>>: Xerxes, look out behind you!
    Xerxes: Tch. As if I'd fall for such an old trick...

    The scene shifts to the right, showing a red dragon. The red dragon breathes fire thrice onto Xerxes, causing him to kneel on the ground. The scene then shifts back.

    <<You>>: Hex...Did you just do that?
    Zero Hex: No. I don't use Dragonslayer powers against Vartai. Only Dracomancy.
    <<You>>: Wait, Dracomancer powers?...

    Galanoth runs in

    Galanoth: THAT was for knocking me off a cliff, you overgrown lizardman.
    <<You>>: GALANOTH?! But how?
    Galanoth: I'll explain later. We have company right now.

    Vartai enter from both sides

    Vartai Guard: Captain Xerxes is down! Take out the 'slayers before they get into the city!
  • Fight!

    You get 3 choices

  • Fight with Galanoth by your side!
  • Fight with Zero Hex by your side!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice

    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Hunter
    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Blade Master
    Optional Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Vartai Blade Master

    <<You>>: Now then, how'd you survive being knocked off that cliff?
    Galanoth: It's a bit unbelievable, but this is how it really happened...
  • Flashback!

    Short cutscene showing the final parts of the battle between Xerxes and Galanoth. After Galanoth gets struck off the cliff, as he begins to fall, a Dracomancer flies over and grabs him to safety nearby, on a platform just slightly under the cliff.

    Galanoth: uurrrgh....
    Galanoth: Who--- did that?

    Sheila enters

    Sheila: That would be me. You saved me once, human. Honor compels me to repay that debt.
    Galanoth: Honor?

    The scene zooms in

    Sheila: Surprised? You shouldn't be. Even Gaspar was merciful, using that cheap mockery of his real sword.
    Sheila: There's a passageway to the outskirts of the city from here. Once we're out, you're on your own.

    The screen slowly fades away as you return back to the present

    Galanoth: Perhaps the Vartai aren't as monstrous as we believed, Hex.

    Ryllik enters. You receive a Full Heal.

    Zero Hex: Ryllik!
    Ryllik: What are you saying? Of course they're monsters. They have the blood of the evil dragons coursing through them!
    Galanoth: We should not be so hasty to judge, Ryllik.
    <<You>>: Enough talking.
    Galanoth & Ryllik: What?
    <<You>>: Ryllik, you're going against your leader when he wants to finally put an END to all this? I've heard enough!
    <<You>>: If you don't have the sense to listen, I'll just beat some into you!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal

    Ryllik: No...The Vartai must pay for trying to kill Galanoth.
    ???: The Vartai who tried it DID pay.

    Lord Cyrus enters

    Lord Cyrus: Galanoth was given a strike of revenge for Xerxes' attempt to kill him in such a manner. That is settled.
    Lord Cyrus: ...Though I will have a word with you later about harboring VOID DRAGONS, Xerxes.
    <<You>>: Then what about us?
    Lord Cyrus: My soldiers acted hastily when you only wanted to talk, and I apologize. You are free to go. Ryllik, on the other hand...
    Ryllik: ............
    Lord Cyrus: You brought an attacking force to my city gates, bent on killing any Vartai in your way. We won't let you go unpunished.
    <<You>>: Cyrus, he's going back with us. Let the Dragonslayers deal with him.
    Lord Cyrus: Give me one good reason.
    <<You>>: How about what I did at the fortress in Dragonspine?
    Lord Cyrus: .........
    Lord Cyrus: Ryllik, you will go with them.
    Galanoth: You impress me, <<You>>. Without you around, this would have gone far worse.

    Galanoth, Zero Hex, Ryllik and you exit. Xerxes enters shortly after.

    Xerxes: He was right. If we want an alliance with the Dragonslayers, we can't take another of them hostage...
    Lord Cyrus: I know, brother, but it was still not an easy choice to make. Fortunately, that human made it for us.
    Lord Cyrus: Vartai honor forced me to let him go. Now we are even, <<You>>. Now we are even...

    The screen fades black. Then, the scene shows a mysterious person dressed in dark armor spying on Lord Cyrus and Xerxes.

    ???: This is not good. I've lost my influence over the two greatest figures that could serve my needs. Without them, I won't be able to perform the rite as soon as I anticipated.
    ???: <<You>>, you are becoming a thorn in my side. When I rise once more, you shall regret having ever stood in my way. First Battleon, then Medrovia.
    ???: After that, the whole world shall fall before me!
    Xerxes Two

  • Dragonpact Strike
  • Dragonpact Storm
  • Dragonpact Assault
  • Dragonpact Onslaught

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