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Calogero -> Specific Hospital (12/10/2008 16:01:40)

Specific Hospital

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> Left 2 times

Missions Available:
  • Emergency!
  • Nano Quest
  • Shadow Base

    Shops Available:
  • Gift Shop
  • EMT Shop

  • Nurse Helia
  • Smokey
  • Larry
  • Cindy
  • Patient

  • Scrubs
  • Doctor's Hat
  • Doctor

    Nurse Helia: Welcome to the Specific Hospital waiting room. Specific Hospital is a state-of-the-art general hospital facility!

  • Emergency
    Nurse Helia: There is an emergency situation that needs you attention immediately!

  • Uniforms
    Nurse Helia: Always wear your hospital garb - it helps us maintain a high level of sanitation.

  • Talk
    Nurse Helia: I think the Shadowscythe war was worse than was reported. There are many wounded!
    Nurse Helia: We are finding out many interesting things from performing autopsies on recovered Shadowscythe specimens.
    Nurse Helia: I have a theory that the Shadowscythe are actually some sort of parasitic organism.
    Nurse Helia: If you volunteer for work at the Hospital, we can work together to learn about the Shadowscythe invaders! Let's get started!

    Waiting Patients

    Smokey: Ouch! My condition is really starting to flare up! Is it getting hot in here?
    Larry: Now that you mention it, I am starting to feel a little hot under the collar!
    Cindy: I think that guy behind me is pretty sick... I heard that he was prescribed an extra strong dosage of Poozom!
    Smokey: Nurse, I think there is something very wrong! Are you sure there aren't any available doctors who can treat me?
    Nurse Helia: Unfortunately, we have a lot of higher priority cases than yours at the moment. *sniff* is somebody smoking?
    Nurse Helia: Everyone, please read the sign! Smoking is not allowed!

    Thanks to #13 for info.

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