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Location: GEARS Games II, GEARS Games III, GEARS Games 2011
Objective: Challenge your House Leader in the Labyrinth! Then betray your own house to join another.
Requirements: 100 Betrayal Badges to unlock.
Release Date: -

Leaders of Wolfblade/Runehawk/Mystraven (Xaria/Jaania/Casca)

  • Admina

    Admina: Welcome to Pandora's Labyrinth. Danger and treasure await you in here! Do you need instructions?

    Admina: This is simple! Move with your arrow keys. Try to avoid patrolling mobs! There are some healing stations scattered around the maze.
    Admina: The walls of this labyrinth pulsate with pure energy. Your Energy Points will regenerate while you walk around.
    Admina: Simply walk over objects and enemies to activate them. Your goal is the treasure chest! Have Fun!

    Rewards Shop:

    Other Informations:
  • If you are a SC, you can betray directly.
  • If you are non-SC, you need 100 Betrayal Badges.
  • After finishing this quest, you will be punted out of your house.
  • You can betray only once.

    Thanks to
    -- Shoggoth for corrections.
    -- Azami for correction.

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