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Shadow Mistress's Katana

Also see Elizabeth's Katana.

Location: Dropped when defeating Shadow Mistress Elizabeth

Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: 9-31
BTH: 15


  • On monster category "Pirate", the weapon deals 110% Base, Random, and Stats damage.
  • On anything else, the weapon deals 95% Base, Random, and Stats damage.

    You can click on the weapon* to have your enemy's attacks' BTHs reduced by 0-10 (determined separately and randomly per hit**). This costs 50 MP per turn. You can click on the weapon again to disable this***.

    *The swirling shadows surround the blade!
    **The katana surrounds you with shadows.
    ***The shadows still.

    This Katana was found after the defeat of Shadow Mistress Elizabeth, who was from a timeline in which Ninjas were almost wiped out by Pirates. Shadows seem to cling to you when you touch the hilt.


    Stats from Edgelord. Numbers from Kalanyr (via Edgelord). Pop-ups from Phlox Lover and johnnyquest.aqrocks.

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