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Holiday Visit

Location: Frostval 2008 -> Act 5 -> Chilly -> To Quests! -> Holiday Visit,
Frostval 2008 -> Act 6 -> Maya -> To Quests! -> Holiday Visit
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Slay Bells Ring
Release Date: December 23rd, 2008

Objective: You scratch his back and he will scratch yours.
Objective completed: So, it's the evil necromancer Noxus who has changed everyone in Frostvale into coal. He might be the only one who can change them back! It's time to head to Doomwood!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Bugbear
(3) Dirty Sockmonkey
(3) Laundry Golem


Slay Bell


On Act 5
Chilly: Cysero, the Mad Weaponsmith, should be in his tower.
Chilly: I hope he can help us fix this!

On Act 6
Chilly: Here I wrote about yor visit to Cysero, the Mad Weaponsmith in his tower.
Maya: He was able to help you find out what caused everyone to turn to coal.

  • Quest!
  • Done

    Cysero: Hiya, <Character>. Happy Frostthing! Have you come to deliver presents... cause I don't have any cookies or milk.
    <Character>: What?, Cysero. I need to ask you something. See the moglin statue I brought?
    Cysero: Yeah! What a great present! Did you make it yourself?
    <Character>: What? No... Cysero, this isn't a gift for you. It's Blizzy... a REAL frost moglin who was changed into COAL!
    Cysero: I know. Did you make it yourself?
    <Character>: Did I...? NO! I don't go around changing my friends into coal!
    Cysero: Oh... Well, he WOULD make a nice gift if you were thinking of any last minute gift ideas. *wink*
    <Character>: STOP THAT! This is serious. Every single person in Frostvale has been changed to coal! I wanted to know if you did it... by accident, maybe?
    Cysero: Me? Nooooo. I try to avoid coal... makes a mess.
    <Character>: I see. Do you have any idea what might have cause this to happen?
    Cysero: Nope. Not a clue.
    Cysero: But... maybe we can work out a deal.
    Cysero: Today is kind of my day off. I do a lot of chores... take out the trash, sharpen my hammer, fill Warlic's pillow with mustard...
    Cysero: I was going to do my laundry today. You know how laundry can pile up.
    Cysero: Anywhooo, You take care of my laundry and I'll figure out what happened to your little rabbitthing friend. Deal?

  • Deal!

    After reaching the end...

    Cysero: Hey, that's great! You got them all!
    Cysero: It took the last of the magic energy that I had stored in my HUG jars, but I found out who changed your friends.
    Cysero: Each magic user on Lore has a very specific magic signature... like a fingerprint left behind anytime that they work magic.
    Cysero: I compared the magic aura surrounding your friend, Blazey to all the auras i've seen before and I found a match.
    Cysero: I'm not exactly sure WHY he did it, but with necromancers... who can tell? Only one thing is for sure...
    Cysero: NOXUS changed your friends into coal. What a jerk.

    To Be Continued...

  • Complete Quest!

    Next Up: Cookies!

    Thanks to
    -- Andy8 for a link and a correction.
    -- Stephen Nix.
    -- Voodoo Master for rewrite.

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