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Location: Planet Thoh - Frostval '08 -> Odessa
Objective: Excellent Work! You defeated the oncoming Frostscythe Units!
Requirements: Completion of Strange Signal
Release Date: 12/12/08

  • Abominable
  • Guerilla Tree
  • Ice Manta

  • Odessa

    Odessa: <Character>, we need to hold our position against the invading Frostscythe troops!
    Odessa: We are outnumbere 10 to 1 out here! So, the odds are against you!
    Odessa: However, I know you are capable of this! You are on of the finest pilots I have ever known! Good Luck!
    Odessa: You will be using a military grade GPS Navigation system for this mission. Do you need instructions for how to use it?

    Odessa: The Nav system is extremely easy to use. It will show you the locations of enemy and friendly signals.
    Odessa: Simply click where you would like to go on the map and your mecha will walk there on autopilot.
    Odessa: You may return to the repair truck if you need repairs, but we only have enough supplies to heal you 5 times.
    Odessa: This mission is critical. Failure is not an option! Dr. Dorian is the only doctor qualified enough to perform brain transplants...
    Odessa: ...And we have many patients that need the procedure badly! Good luck. Please be careful, <Character>!

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