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Deer Bait

Location: Planet Thoh - Frostval '08 -> Odessa
Objective: Excellent Skating! You piloted the top secret Ice Mecha and led the Reign Terror straight into the trap.
Requirements: Completion of Defend Town
Release Date: 12/23/08

  • RT-RT Head

  • Odessa

    Odessa: <Character>, Your next mission is extremely dangerous!
    Odessa: An RT-RT a.k.a. Reign Terror unit is approaching town! I have a plan to trap it!
    Odessa: I have hidden a pit beneath a layer of thin ice in the woods just outside of town!
    Odessa: If the RT-RT steps on it, then it will surely collapse. Leaving its head vulnerable to our attack!
    Odessa: I need you to act as bait and lure it into the trap! You will be piloting a special mecha prototype during this mission!
    Odessa: It is designed for travelling gracefully over icy terrain! Are you ready?

    Plays minigame. Use your mouse to move the mecha

    Odessa: <Character>, The prototype you are piloting is not battle ready yet!
    Odessa: Your mecha is sanding by! Prepare to engage the head! Good Luck!
    *Battle RT-RT Head*
    Odessa: Great job! The trap worked! This was a great victory, <Character>!
    Odessa: Now we have a plan to use against further Reign Terror attacks! We couldn't have done this without you!

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