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Azami -> Bat Cave (1/10/2009 4:52:02)

Bat Cave

Location: Planet Zargon -> Selina -> Missions
Objective: Excellent work! You found your way through the cave to Mecha-Bat's hideout!
Requirements: Must have completed Arachnid-Phobia Quest.
Release Date: Jan 9th, 2009

  • Desmodus
  • Mecha Bat
  • Mega Spider
  • Monster Ant
  • Monster Scorpion

  • Selina
  • Bat Mech

    Selina: <Character>! Mecha Bat's secret hideout is somewhere deep within this cave!
    Selina: Our time is running out! I'm afraid that Boltavolt may be getting closer to completing Universo!
    Selina: We need to find out where Boltavolt's secret facility is located! Perhaps Mecha Bat can lead us to him.
    Selina: Good luck! This cave is huge! I have provided an automap system to help you find your way!

    Upon reaching Mecha Bat:
    Mecha Bat: <Character>>! You are right on time!

    Upon defeating Mecha Bat:
    Bat Mecha: Hi! <Character>. I am Wayne Bryce, a.k.a, Bat Mecha.
    Bat Mecha: The Hypno-Beam no longer controls me! Unfortunately, all of my powers have been drained.
    Bat Mecha: Universo is finished and Boltavolt is preparing to launch it!
    Bat Mecha: The only one who knows the location of Boltavolt's secret base is the fallen hero, Thunderhammer
    Bat Mecha: You will have to face him next if you want to stop Universo!
    Bat Mecha: You must intercept Thunderhammer and find out where Boltavolt's secret facility is located!
    Bat Mecha: I fear it may be too late. Now that Universo is complete, you will most likely have to fight it.
    Bat Mecha: As far as I know, it is completely invincible. Good luck, <Character>!

    Rewards Shop:
  • Bat Cave Loot

    Thanks to shoggoth for link, Martin13 for info.

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