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Fairy Floss Spear

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    Level: 75
    Price: 65,000 8,802
    Sellback: 32,500 4,401
    Location: Cysero ... Returns?

    Type: Ranged
    Element: Fire
    Damage: 7-27 9-36
    BTH: +8

    Hits: 2
    Type: Ranged
    Element: Fire
    Damage: 318% Base and Random each
    BTH: +41
    Stats: No
    Rate: 20%
    Effect: If the player is also wearing the Ubear shield & armour, both hits connect, and you are fighting a Water-Element monster, then:
      •All numbers in brackets [] are rounded down.
      L is the Level of your shield OR armour OR weapon, whichever is lowest.
      • For this effect, Level 11 Z-Tokens items are treated as Level 45, and Level 40 Z-Tokens items are treated as Level 60
      •The monster makes a Save Roll. It gains a bonus equal to [ItsLevel/10] + [ItsSTR/5] + [ItsLUK/20], and must roll higher than 45 + [L/2] + [YourLUK/20]. If it succeeds, nothing happens.
      •If it fails the save, the monster deals 75% Base, Random, and Stats damage during its next turn.

      The partially dissolved cotton candy sticks to the monster, making it hard to move!
    Straight from the Big Top, this cotton candy is delicious -- and so sweet it hurts!


    Image from Personater. Stats from narutorocks and Yagno2000. Numbers from Yagno2000. Correction from Reynard.

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