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Nightstalker Crossbow

Also see other Nightchaser Bows ( Nighttracker, Nighthunter, Nightstalker Z, Guardian Nightstalker, Great Nightstalker).

Level: 50
Price: 12,000 1,345
Sellback: 6,000 672
Location: NightReign Vs. GraceFang

Type: Ranged
Element: Wind
Damage: 6-24 8-32
BTH: 7

Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: «See Below»*
Damage: 72% Base, Random, and Stats each
BTH: +7 plus Stats
Rate: 100%

  • By clicking on the weapon, you can change it from Normal Mode to Vamp Mode or Were Mode.
  • In Normal Mode, the Special does Wind damage.
  • In Were Mode, the Special does Earth damage. Against Monster Catergory "Were", the Special does Fire damage and deals 110% Base, Random, and Stats damage.
  • In Vamp Mode, the Special does Light damage. Against Monster Category "Vamp", the Special deals 110% Base, Random, and Stats damage.
  • In either Were or Vamp mode, the Special drains 34 SP when you attack. If you have less than 34 SP, the weapon reverts to Normal Mode before the Special inflicts damage.

    Choose to fire Sun or Silver-enhanced bolts for an SP cost instead of its normal bolts to do bonus damage to Vampires or Werewolves!


    Image from Koree. Stats from Yagno2000, The Stig, and UZ the Ebil. Numbers from Yagno2000. Damage update thanks to jsrjohnny.

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